Friday, September 2, 2011

I have a fever!

 A fever to get my craft on that is :-)
Ever since welcoming baby Rainy at the beginning of the year, I have experienced a severe lack of craft! Of course, she is worth every moment not spent creating, as she is my greatest masterpiece (and much easier to show off).
HOWEVER- There are even more pictures that need to be scrapbooked, and less time to create pages to adhere them to. Good thing I have my StudioJ membership through Close To My Heart, what a lifesaver. I can make a lot of pages online, quickly.  BUT, part of my addiction is that I need to feel the paper! Also, thanks to my dear friend Daphne, I recieve inspiration via mail in the form of my Creating Keepsakes Magazine subscribtion! My head is nearly bursting with ideas.
I am so grateful that my mom has been coming over on weekends so that I can get my craft ON.

I was especially inspired by two ideas featured in the latest magazine: Overlapping Photos, and Clustering. I am usually timid when it comes to adding embellishments, so it was a big step out of my comfort zone to keep adding, and adding, and then adding some more to these two layouts.
When my sister Ruby was here last month we took a trip to Mt. Rainier that was filled with hilarity. The overlapping photos in this layout seems to bring some of that casual, fun-filled spirit out, don't you think?

My sweet Rainier is so full of energy now, and I used the Clustering technique again to try to bustle up some of that excitement and adhere it to the paper... I hope you enjoy these pages as  much as I do!

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