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The most exciting news of the last few years for me is that my cards are being sold in three local stores! You can find occasional cards for birthdays, newborns, friends, and even your LOVER (or just loved ones) xoxo

My loved ones actually suggested long ago that I try to turn my passion for paper into a profitable one, but I was always hesitant; I was afraid of burn out! But I'm happy to report that I'm still enjoying the process and have found myself creating more and more each month. In fact, I expanded my network and sell cards from Gig Harbor Copy Mail on Judson Street, the Picker's Northwest Antique store along the Gig Harbor waterfront, as well as Costless Drug and Pharmacy in Wauna/Purdy :-)

I was fortunate enough to have another gallery type showing of my work this last Spring at Blend Wine Shop in Key Center. On the evening of March 3rd,2017, I sat in for an artist's reception which began at 6pm. There were snacks, coffee and other beverages, and, me! Then this Summer, Blend also offered the community the chance to create en plein aire ala three CraftWithAnna canvas classes. What an invigorating space we artists occupied outside under the blissful canopy which hung above us in the 90* heat.

Another exciting opportunity came this Spring- this time to the mailbox-  my signature CraftWithAnna style classes were offered at the local community college! Continuing education seekers could choose from a variety of crafty pursuits: painting, photography, blogging, cardmaking, and of course, scrapbooking! This was a pretty awesome step in my progression towards being the craft diva teacher that you know me to be :-)

I've taken a bit of a break from producing videos for YouTube, after the many reviews I put out for in the last couple of years. However, this is a medium that I love to dabble in, so click the purple YouTube icon at the right and hit subscribe for all of those paper previews, tutorials, contests and more. With our family preparing to live our dream of homeschooling from the road on a cross country trip, I'll be making time to upload some CraftWithAnna On the Go! videos with kits that can be ordered for party time with me, even if I'm not technically in the area.

I dedicate a large amount of time while on vacation writing to my readers, retelling my adventures, and you can read those musings by clicking on the Travel tab up top. Whether you are interested in a behind the scenes look at what happens a scrapbooking cruise, or want to travel south of the border to Tenamaxtlan, Mexico, or if you're interested in what it's really like for us once we hit the road as a family of FIVE (plus one high strung Chihuahua), I love to share my sights and scenes through some sometimes tearful storytelling.

And, from the remember when?... archives; a few years back, I was asked to be on the design team for Die Cut Crazy, a digital magazine available (for free now) in the apple store! In the August '13 edition, I was featured in their Blogger spotlight, and then invited to join their design team of contributors.  Here's the link to that August edition. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I had the pleasure of working with an incredibly crafty set of peers. Every magazine contained mega amounts of inspiration, so be sure to download a few today!

Thanks, for your support and well wishes on my continued journey to CraftDivaSuperstardom!

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  1. Love the movies and hoppin on to the other blogs!KEEP EM COMING!