Saturday, May 24, 2014

Six by Six Series: Episode One

In this series, I've been exploring different ways to make use of those cute little six by six inch paper pads of patterned paper available from most designers. These miniature replicas of the full sized sheets are perfect for using on your scrapbook pages, as well as on your cards; their smaller sized prints can even help you include somewhat bolder patterns with ease. Another bonus? If you fall in love with a new release but can't justify the purchase price, you can still get the designs you love and not break the bank- or appear to be walking through the door with yet another ream of paper!
Bonus number three? A lot of the collection pads are coming out double sided. Yes, twice as much fun in one small price! Look at how easy it was to just tear out two of the same pattern (green snowflake) from my Jillibean Soup Winter Tortellin & Spinach Soup 6x6 mini pad. This brand actually gives you three sheets of each double sided design, so I had no problem using two sheets for my background. I did have a problem tearing the paper out, but no worries, I just cut it across with my paper trimmer and used my kraft background to create a lovely border. A little inked distressing on the edges, along with a few coordinating stickers from the same company, and my Mommy & Me layout was almost done.
Do you have a problem cutting into a 12x12 sheet of paper... I'm not sure why it is so hard for me but I really struggle with it. With the smaller designs, I don't have that problem at all! See the row of houses that anchors my page? Yes, it was cut from a pint sized sheet as well. Perfectly coordinated embellishment base for my word cluster down there! A few more little houses up at the top help to create that visual triangle, along with the repeated cirlces stickers and typewriter motif.
I'm really pleased with how this page turned out. It was super simple to create, with the die cut circle as a photo mat to break up the very linear design of photo and sticker placement. So many people comment that Sunday is like a little mini-me, and what better way to visually tell that story than with some little mini prints! So how will you use your little darlings? Leave a comment below and come back by my blog to see the rest of my Six by Six series. Happy crafting friends!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Six by Six Series- Episode IV: Smile

Remember when the Stars Wars series renewed itself by starting its saga all over again with prequels, leaving you wondering how will this all lead up to what I already know?! Well this series won't be filled with laser guns and jet planes, but there will be a love story and maybe even some hairy animals!
I've got about four six by six paper pads that I've been experimenting with including on my scrapbook pages and card fronts. I'm seeing other designers incorporating these miniature patterned  papers in their projects too, and hope you'll share with me in the fun of training our brains to reach for them too.
6x6 patterned papers, and 8x8 for that matter, come in a down-sized version, making them ideal for including in cardmaking, but I find that really helps to makes them more neutral when adding them to a background in scrapbooking, too. Their size is perfect for creating a quick grid of four sheets to equal 12 inches all around. If, like me, you tear a page a bit in your haste to rip it from the binding, just think of that whoops as a reminder that these papers would like a scrap piece or background underneath them. Trim off -or maybe enhance - the torn edge and you'll end up with a crisp little border frame on your page.
When selecting my prints for this layout, I looked for four busy designs with background colors going from light to dark. The little miniature cut-apart sheet provided me with some coordinated title pieces, and I used a couple of circle punches on the starbursts print for some simple confetti-like sprinkles. My Minds Eye papers are generally cream based designs, and for the journaling space I needed a really neutral piece, preferably with lines to write on. I remember using the full size version of one of the papers in a layout I made last year, and turned it over to find the same grid which would be perfect. You can see the full-size version layout here:

Have you ever experienced the rhapsody of pre-breakfast scrappin'? I spent Wednesday night at my moms house and she had that lovely 8.5"x11" enlargement of Grandma and little sister waiting to show me. Isn't this a beautiful print? It was taken last Friday while visiting with our cousin Paulette from Arizona- Hi Cousin!!!  I love that simply looking at the photo leads to a grin on my face.
While the girls ate breakfast and did a little crafting of their own, I whipped this together in less than 20 minutes. Now that's a habit that could use reinforcing! 
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Check back throughout the week as I share the prequel pages in my six by six series, and if you happen to be at the craft store, investigate those handy pads of miniature designer papers!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy (Inter) National Scrapbooking Day!

Creating cards with my friend yesterday was the perfect way to get my craft mojo fired up for my favorite holiday, (see blog post title).
Last night Sunday and I got to spend some quality craft time with my mom, and as soon as little one retired for the night,  two layouts AND another little card literally flew out of my carry-around stash!
This morning I spent a little time scrolling for inspiration on Instagram. Isn't it just terrifically amazing how much creative energy there is in the crafters community to tap into!? I loved seeing what everyone was getting their glue sticks on in honor of NSD. I'll be working just about the entire day and night through, so being able to tap in and participate by looking will be a big bonus for my day. I mean, who wants to miss out on the fun, right!?
These photos from the last time my in-laws were out are so special to me. I really wanted to do some heartfelt journalling to echo those warm, fuzzy feelings :-) Sometimes, list style journalling can make it easy to get some of those more mushy gushy feelings onto the layout. The little cards in many paper collections out there have great prompts too if you just can't get there on your own.
These photos are so special because they highlight visually some of the really lovely ways my "parents" indulge our family when they visit our coast. There is always a lap available for cuddling. They help me see a different side of my Mr., through stories of their youth -and his! I love that they actually read the things I painstakingly write on the albums and albums worth of layouts they look through!
This last visit I got that great shot of Mr., Sr. Printing up some prose for his grandaughter at my command! Lol what a treasure that will be for us later in life. What a treasure these two are for me, now in life. I can't wait til they come out again... maybe I can even get them scrapbooking this visit!
Enjoy your day, and get scrappy!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Anna Griffin Cuttlebug Collection

Earlier today my friend Ginger came over with her gorgeous, Anna Griffin GOLD toned Cuttlebug, and the dies and embossing folders she got as add ons in a QVC special. How fun!
I was so "impressed" with the embossing folders on vellum and the different textured cardstocks of various weights we tried out.
The two of us giggled the afternoon away and managed to put together five cards which Ill be featuring in next months issue of DieCutCrazy. Not a bad way to get into craft mode for National Scrapbook Day tomorrow!
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