Feeling adventurous?
Relive my trip on board and excursion-ing around the Western Caribbean onboard the Navigator of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise the week of February 22nd- March 1st, 2015

Welcome Home?

Houston, We Have Landed: Saturday's Sinnings

Please Tell Me I'll Sleep In Sometime On This Trip

Day of Departure

Best Day Ever Embellies Get Ready

A Day Two Be Continued

Take Time For Tanning

Zipping Around the Honduras

A Change of Heart In the Tropics

Belize City:  Out of Body Shopping Experience

Beachcombing Cozumel

Day Before We Go Galley Tour

Lemmings to Landlubbers


You can also read through the trip I took a month later to be reunited with mi abuela, who is still taking care of herself and her home in Tenemaxtlan, Mexico at the ripe ol' age of 97!

Mexico Morning Musings

While I Wait In Fresno

Mi Abuelita Yo Puedo Ayudar

Family Resemblances

Another Best Day Ever Page To Make

Fresh Is the Best

Reunited and It Feels So...

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