Friday, October 25, 2013

Special Edition: Packing For A Scrapbooking Crop!

I'm so excited to show you my system for creating To-Go Scrapbooking kits from my stash to take along to crop events!

First thing I do is gather a few photos that I really enjoy. Scrapbooking photos I love allows me to put all that fun energy I have from being at a crop event into my pages. Then I look through some magazines and books or cruise the 'net for some inspiration. I like to draw my own sketches from the pictures I look at, but there are many resources for pre-made sketches as well. Truthfully, I really enjoy drawing, and doing this gets my creative juices flowing towards collecting all my "stuff" quickly, AND enthusiastically!

Once I have a few sketches, I select the first photo spread that calls me, and begin gathering supplies based on the colors in the photos. Another way I make my choices is by considering, how do these photos make me feel... and then I select my papers and embellishments based on that mood I want to convey.

Beginning to bring in papers is such fun; if, when looking at my photos, a particular piece of patterned or solid paper seems to keep popping in my head, thats' what I grab. It could be that it ends up "going" perfectly, or if it doesn't, then I may use it for inspiration. Or, it could be that it ends up amongst the next kit created. Chances are that will happen because I don't like to put all my stuff away until I'm done or in between building kits- I do have two small children to look after! I also try to incorporate as much scrap material as possible. I'm toying with the idea of dumping my large scrap bucket upon leaving for this years Creating Keepsakes Convention. hmmmm

The same goes for stickers, or other embellishments. If a certain sheet or bling or button configuration is playing in my mind while looking at photos or while thumbing through bits of scraps, that's what I try to find. You can see how I store my sticker embellishments here:
 Makes it really easy for me to find the color scheme matches.

If I don't have photos, or I know of photos I want to scrap but don't have them printed yet, I will usually build off of an embellishment of some sort. If it the kit contents don't match what I print, I can either use the contents for another layout, or by simply adding a mat to the photos sometimes that will tie it all together.

I don't worry about alphabets, or paper size, or the perfect bling, because I tend to tote my alphabet box of stickers, paper trimmer, and bling box along with me, as well as a file of 12x12 sticker sheets. If I can't find what works amongst those tools brought along, I move on! (No, actually I usually buy about twice as much as I bring along- but not this year lol)

I think the most important strategy for creating these to-go kits is that I don't waste time second-guessing myself. If I see it and I like it, it goes in the kit. I'm not looking for the "perfect" match, I really try to trust my gut about whats happening. The great thing about having a multitude of somewhat hastily thrown together kits to take along is that, I don't have to use the kit if I'm not feeling it when I get there. AND most crops do have retail outlets available for purchasing if I feel desperate to scrap that particular set of photos.

I guess I was wrong about the most important strategy. THE most important part of this process is that I want to have it be FUN. If I start feeling overwhelmed, I stop the process. Because, really, it is all about having as much fun as possible, before, during, and while showing off what you've made upon return to real life :-)

I hope you enjoyed my process! Come back again next Friday, November 1st,  when I'll be announcing an opportunity for you to win some fabulously easily created cards in honor of a special occasion! Occasion will be announced on that date as well :-)

Meanwhile, what gets in the way of your cropping? Are you even sure you know what a crop is? My husband didn't :-) He now does, I did invite him to have one with me in my craft room but for some reason he didn't seem all that interested. Wonder why...

Happy Kit-ting!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creating Your Next Tool

I spent yesterday morning creating a video all about how to pack for a crop. Well, a very specific crop in my case; there are only a few weeks left until the Creating Keepsakes convention in Bellevue, WA. I'm collecting already printed photos, gathering supplies, and trying to remind myself that I don't need to bring my entire craft collection along!
Check back here later this week and we'll have some fun getting ready together.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Contributions Galore

I've been having a blast assembling my contributions for November's edition of DieCutCrazy, the digital magazine I design for. I enjoy creating on an everyday basis, and there is something especially exciting about seeing those efforts amongst the talented team of designers who are also featured each month.
Cards, scrap book layouts, and home decorations accented by cleverly used die cuts can all be found in each edition of DieCutCrazy, available through your iPad and iPhone. The price per month is very reasonable, and inspiration comes at no additional cost!
I'll be sharing some of my past articles here on the blog so stop back by soon!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finally Catching On to the Subway

 Last week my cousin's boys twin boys celebrated their first birthday. I am so in awe of she juggles the two of them with the needs of her six year old too. Somedays I feel ready for baby number three- and other days I want to run in my craft room and slam the door shut on mothering, if only for a wee bit :-)
I've been wanting to try my hand at the Subway art trend I've noticed appearing throughout the year in different forms but until this project I hadn't visualized his to do it. Then it occurred to me that I could be denting my humongous collection of word stickers if I spaced a whole bunch across this little photo holder I was creating for my cousin.
I'm really happy with the balance of the simple outside title, "My Boys," and then the wow! impact of the opening page.

On the inside I chalk inked some raw chipboard and added a few label stickers. I figure she can place a favorite photo of each boy alongside their initial.

Then of course she needed a card.

And of course you need to see this scrap able photo of my girls at the party, which had a farm theme and was held at Schultz farm out in Orting, WA.
Looking forward to some more fall fun!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Remembering Those Berry Good Times

It seems like just yesterday we were walking out the front door (sometimes as early as 7:45) in the morning to gather our fresh berries growing around the yard. Huckleberries, Wild Raspberries, Salmonberries, Slough berries, Blueberries,and of course, Blackberries!
We'd bring them inside and enjoy our pickings with yogurt, on our oatmeal, or just straight off the bush if we found an especially delectable selection!
Well those glory days are in the past, but we'll be able to relive the joys of straight-from-the-bush-consumption whenever we see this scrapbook page. And fall is definately here, and brings with it it's own joys; sweaters, the changing colors of the leaves, muddy shoes, and more, guiltless, time inside for scrappin'!
I hope you enjoy taking a quick trip back in time with me to scrap these adorable pictures of Rainier enjoying her freshly picked wild raspberries. This page came together really quickly, I was working off a sketch which featured three circles and ribbons too. I used Bella Blvd stickers and Echo Park papers, and Basic Grey die cuts, cupcake toppers, and paper backgrounds, too. It was such an easy page to create, I'm thinking of teaching a fall version next month up at Michael's. Let me know if you're interested in signing up!