Friday, February 15, 2019

Hello Love

Between Ray and I, Valentine's is more of a one-sided affair- I provide the cards, hearts and flowers sentiments and he receives them amicable enough that I feel "special occassion" loved. I've always enjoyed making and sending cards. Valentine's Day in elementary school was always so anxiety ridden. Anticipating how my themed notes would be recieved and wondering if my mailbox made from a shoebox and paper top would sit in lonely emptiness or overflow with friendly rhymes from classmates. I'll never forget the year I recieved 9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards- from one boy! Yeah I felt pretty special that day. Even if I am the one to make the effort, sharing the love in red accents and morning - made poetry, I enjoy doing so enough that I don't really need reciprocal givings. The gift is for me is found in the moments of making, and I'm never upset about having a valid reason to create!
Hope you had a love-ly day as well <3

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Meet this Artist

Hello Art Class seekers, teachers, and parents of homeschooled youth! I recently moved to the outskirts of Murfreesboro and brought years of experience teaching all kinds of curriculum enhancing art to students of all ages and capabilities with me. I'm excited to be part of this community and am interested in offerring classes that cater to any budget and space!
Some examples of classes I've taught are below. I love leading our students through relevant discussions and then te...aching them practical art skills and about the mediums they are using. I almost always provide all of the materials, along with a worksheet to take home and share, for anywhere between $5-$35 a student (depending on the materials, rent for the space, and length or number of sessions). Parents are always welcome to create their own project as well! All my students are encouraged to find their inner artist's voice, so no two projects are designed to be exactly alike.
If you've got questions, please post them to this thread or pm me... I'm also hosting a Meet & Greet/ class in my new home studio this coming Saturday, Feb. 16th! Stop by if you're able

Even if the weathers "fowl" we can still have loads of fun learning. No matter what subject you are wanting supplemental experiences to reinforce your lessons with, chances are pretty high that I have taught or can create a class for your students. Think about your adding a #CraftWithAnna class to your next science, engineering, math, reading/writing, public speaking, geography, home ec, park playdate etc. Oh, and I also teach cardmaking, scrapbooking, and photography

These kids met once a month for an Art Jam! Cost was $10/student, all materials were included for each 1-1.5 hour long class held at a local civic center. Mediums Explored included acrylic paint, oil pastels, charcoal, and Alcohol ink. I taught the pictured Cartoon Watercolor class, where we learned about how old cartoon movies were created, how to replicate an image, and then we created these vibrant renditions of our favorite characters to take home.
Have a favorite household theme? There is nothing better than a private class in your home where you can create a gallery style display to cherish. And yes, learn while doing! (Isn't it funny how kids enjoy substitute teachers?!)

I have a heart for fundraising! If your group or one you know of would like to #CraftWithAnna to raise money, let me know!

These 1st graders studied a variety of local leaves before learning how to draw their chosen species example in a cartoon style. Our images were made to look realistic with the addition of watercolor paints. We discussed plant structure, how leaves grow and support/feed their tree, decomposition and why leaves change color, as well as how to apply the paint to achieve different effects. At the end of the class we wrote an acrostic poem using the words Fall and Leaf together.
After a brainstorming observation session about native deciduous and coniferous trees, we built a landscape featuring a distinct background, middle ground, foreground and subject using a variety of watercolor mediums including paint, water soluble oil pastels, and colored pencils. At the end of our class, we collaboratively wrote an acrostic style poem using the words, Puget Sound (where I'm from). Students were sent home with pre-printed pocket sized poetry cards to write their own acrostics with their family <3

Sunday, October 28, 2018


#bisonshoot #photogrid
If there is one message that is prominently displayed wherever bison are present, it is that they are Dangerous and that for No Reason should you get closer than 25 yards. They are huge and move fast... yet there they are, ambling across the road and walking right next to your car/rv! So how do you avoid the danger?
I felt pretty safe behind the glass windows of our motorhome, but you know men, they have to test their bravery (or something). I tried to channel my mother-henning instinct by just being sure to capture his "bravado" on camera.
Like I told the kids, if, God forbid, he gets gored, we at least want to know what happened! All breathed a sigh of selfie'd relief when dad got back in to the safety of our tiny home. A thourough chastising from the girls left him with a slightly sheepish grin on his face as he steered us onto the next vista site...

Saturday, October 13, 2018

On the Road Again

Goodbye, Puget Sound!

Spunky looking out at Lake Cour D'Alene

Leaving the Key Peninsula was even harder this time. After a gloriously relaxing summer amongst splendid garden offerring,  we enjoyed reunions with many of our loving friends and family . We spent some much needed time worship as a family. We had spats and struggles, to be sure, but with support systems a plenty, the loneliness I struggled with while we were traveling earlier this year abated. 
We were able to work-something that's incredibly fulfilling to us both. Our kids froliced on a darm, swinging from a lofted rope swing, letting catfish nibble their feet, and foraging for their snacks with a new forever friend.
I walked through twenty year old memories with my parents and shared those special spots with our children.  My best friends both devoted hours to chatting (solving all the problems of the world over good food and better coffee). 
There were many people and places we didn't visit, I'm sad about that. My grandmother continues to age and her memory comes and goes; I worry thst I'm missing out on time I can't get back with her. Will she remember me? My heart aches with love thinking of her.
I console myself with thoughts of the adventures yet to come. Of friends we have to make and family we have long wanted to spend time with.  And the knowledge that, wherever we may roam, we can always return "Home."

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Silver Lining

I see a lot of memes on facebook that I totally identify with, and usually just save them to my phone. Occasionally I even print and scrapbook them! This one is just SO the way I feel though, I had to share.
Have you ever struggled with how you are seen by another? Like, it seems so unreasonable, their "take" on you? Boy, I sure do. I think most of my acquaintances see me smiling, a lot, and though I have my beachy moments, in my heart, I am trying to be patient and understanding above all else.
So why does this post strike me... well, I used to be so closed off. I've chosen aloofness and to distance myself more many years, in many instances. But when I met Jaime, I felt it was time to change. I was inspired by her positivity. I think God placed her in my life to show me that, people can change. I know I did. That I continue to evolve. And some people find my kind of cheer irritating, sure. But I'm just going to keep on keeping on, and love them all the harder lol. "Nobody puts baby in a corner," right!?
Since being blessed by so, so many relationships I might not have pursued if I'd remained the same, I've come to appreciate my friendships all the more. I may seem overly optimistic to some, but I'm just trying to share the good news of this life, my meaning of life. Love others, lift them up, look on the bright side. Learn from mistakes, from misfortune, from unbearable sadness. God has a plan for each of us! We know not how each moment impacts the next... if you're ever feeling sad, lonely, unheard, not worthy, please, reach out and let someone like me help you see that silver lining. We all need a little sparkle in our life ♡ #whenindoubtjustaddglitter

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wrapping up our Dog Days

Reason to want to live in Del Mar number 515: Dog Beach. 516:Rock Stacks 517: its Del Mar, Hello!?!

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Run off

Hmm, this paint pouring thing might be overly addictive... even the drips that fell onto my scratch paper surface look interesting enough to want to keep! I see an animal dipping his head to drink from a stream of water, how about you?

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