Saturday, March 24, 2018

Technicolor Travel

With opportunities to create art coming in small batches, Ive found a lot of fun waiting to be had with a few finger flicks. Even the most mundane photos become masterpieces of travel momentoes once I run them through an app filter or two!
My go-tos are PhotoGrid, PhotoLab, Vinci, and Picas, with a little Color Splash Photo and Snapseed thrown in for good measure ;-) Did you know these are all available for FREE!? Sorry, even the best Michael's coupon doesn't compete with that price...
So what are your favorite ways to get creative quickly? Must have app(s) to fun-up your features?

Photos are from Joshua Tree National Park, Knots Berry Farms, our indoor #RVLife, & Quartzite BLM land.

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thanks Love Card

Thanks Card-
1. Fold a large cream cardstock base in half to 4.25x5.5”
2. Center and Adhere the Large Patterned Paper block to front.
3. Center and Adhere the Medium Patterned Paper block to front*
*if your patterns are the same, turn one to the reverse side for contrast.
4.Center and Adhere a Large Pink Doily.
5. Adhere a yellow stamped “Thanks” banner die-cut to the center of the Doily.
6.Under the banner die cut, center and adhere a Yellow Baker’s Twine Bow.
7. Adhere a yellow stamped “Thinking of You” banner die cut to the inside of your card.
8. Sign the back

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Happy Anything Card

1. Fold a Cream Cardstock Base in half to create a 4.25x5.5” card.
2. Adhere the Dark Green paper strip.
3. Measure a hand’s length of Green Baker’s Twine and cut. 
Tie the twine to the top of the Large Green Tag.
4. Overlapping the Dark Green paper strip, Adhere the Tag.
5. Adhere the Green Paper block.
6. Adhere one “Happy” Die Cut (3 choices).
7. Use a pen to complete your sentiment, i.e. St. Patrick’s Day, (Happy) Everything! , (Happy) Go Lucky
8. Sign the back!

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Monday, February 5, 2018

DIY Banner card

1. Select your favorite large patterned paper and fold in half.

2. Center and Adhere the Large Pink Doily to your card front.

3. Write a cute phrase on a coordinating banner sticker, i.e. I (Heart) You, You Da Man, etc.

4. Adhere the banner sticker to a coordinating small patterned paper strip.

5. Place 3 pop-up squares  to piece #4.

6. Peel off pop-up backings and adhere to the Doily.

7. Adhere Pink Heart Paper Tape to the bottom of the inside of your card, Trim Excess tape.

8. Sign the back!

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Washi Tape Tag Card

1. Fold a piece of Pink Cardstock in half to create a 4.25x5.5” card

2. Center and Adhere a Large Pink Patterned Paper block.

3. Select and Adhere an Alternate Patterned Paper block to the front of your card.

4.  Adhere a Large Pink Doily.

5. Adhere a Paper Flower of your choice centered over the Doily.

6. Adhere a Heart Die Cut to the left of the Paper Flower.

7. Wrap the Small Tag Die Cut with a piece of Black Butterfly Washi Tape.

Wrap ends to the back of the tag.

8. Adhere the Tag on top of and to the right of the Heart.

9. Adhere a Pink Rhinestone Gem to the Tag top.

10. Adhere a coordinating Small Paper Strip to the inside of your card.

11. Sign the back!

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

RVLife Meets Scrapbooking

There are so many times a day I stop and smile, thinking about how much I love the lifestyle we've chosen. Our space may be smaller but it seems easier to keep clean since we have fewer possessions. When we yell, it's not across the house at each other. When the kids are bored, we can send them outside (or threaten them with more schoolwork bwahaha). Our kitchen is now large enough that Ray and I can do dishes and cook at the same time! There is just one piece of my everyday "normal" that seems to be missing and makes my heart pine for the old place,  and that is...


Not that I don't have supplies along for the ride, oh you know I didn't leave home without them! A lot less if them, yes, but I like to think of that as a great reason to (someday) shop for more. No, what I'm talking about is the luxury I had and yes, took for granted, of being able to make a page at the slightest hint of inspiration. With an open door to my craft room and it's fountain of papers, embellishments and adhesives sitting out at the ready, I could easily start a page on a whim and complete it at my leisure. I loved it when my desk was clean and beckoning to me whenever I went to the bathroom, washed clothes, or, well it didn't matter where I was, the room's siren call would not be long resisted!

Now I must be more thoughtful about how I spend my time when it comes to crafting. Despite having more time on my hands than ever before, I must enjoy that time with my family. I must enjoy the great outdoors outside my door as never before! I have very little time when a hefty baby us not in my arms, and as much as I'd like him to help me, I can't have him touching the things I use i.e. adhesives, etc. It's not a sacrifice I mind making, BUT I do miss the 24/7 make fests I've been in the habit of creating for myself the last decade. I feel like so much of this chapter in our family's life story is being forgotten as it goes undocumented. Guiltily I think, "it's up to me to record all this fun we are having!"

All of this pining made this layout even more satisfying to create. It's the first page I've made since we moved into our moterhime, and the first picture of August I've scrapbooked. This little dude has me completely wrapped around his chubby finger and the sentiment on that large sticker is a nod to our connectivity. On his head he has a small hemangioma that his pediatrician told me is part of his placenta that broke off and was absorbed within the womb... so I like to think we share a special bond and cherish him all the more because of it ♡

So what gets in the way of your creativity? Is it physical, mental, or a combination. I urge you to break the block and "make" some time to follow your passions! Thanks for stopping to get crafty with me today,
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Friday, January 26, 2018

Red Velvet

Next in my series of How She Dunnits, I have the Red Velvet Cupcake Card.
Starting with a white cardstock base cut at 8.5x11" and folded in half, I adhered a 4x5.25" block of red and white polka dot patterned paper flush with the bottom edge. To this I added a pretty white doily I got for free in a large package of 144 doilys in four colors from a gal on the Key Peninsula Buy Nothing site. Boy, do I love free embellishments, and this card features four of them. 
I had a little bit of red velvet paper left from an art journalling class I taught at KPMS last October. A half inch strip of that, notched at either end, made a striking base for my next layer. I love the monochromatic red on red and white on white mixed together.
See that white cardstock circle stamped in red ink with "from the heart ♡"- both free, including the ink! Thank you, Queen & Co. for the circle, Phaedra for the Tim Holz distress ink,  and another Scrappy Sister of mine for the stamp! 
This was a simple card with a lot of impact thanks to that rich red velvet paper in the middle. Any sentiment or color scheme would have made this card design shine, but I think the Red and white were excellent for Valentine's! And no, there's no cupcake involved. .. this is the Organic Anna version lol
So what is your favorite color combo for monochromatic mixes? Better yet, what's your favorite Valentine treat,   spending time with your sweetie or a sweet to eat? Comments below welcome! 
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