Friday, December 28, 2012

Recent Makings- how I find time for me!

It's been so long since I uploaded any of my work, I've been in such a frenzy of craftivity! To the right are a few cards, and below are some newly page-protected layouts I've built. Evidently, my exposure at the end of the year to the Adventure's of Glitter Girl ( has worked its way into my style! I'm journalling much more and completing pages with ease :-)
Sometimes as a scrapbooker it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed; it can be as easy as trying to find the "perfect" embellishment that holds us back, and then of course there are always more pictures being developed of our continuing life events, which leads to more pages that "need" to be created, and often times months and even years worth of scrap gets left behind as our lives evolve and new products and techniques pique our interests! This month, I resolved to complete all of 2012's picture layouts before the end of the year... and I made a pretty hefty dent in what I had left in my photo stack! And yet, I always seem to still have "only 15 more layouts to go!" Instead of letting that reality interfere with my creative process, however, I am embracing it wholeheartedly. After all, what would I have to look forward to each day if I DIDN'T have that next layout to start?!
I find it great motivation for getting my housework done, too- I think to myself, after I get this vacuuming and dusting done, I am so going into my craft space! I've even made doing the dishes fun (!) (I can't believe I just wrote dishes and fun in the same space)- I pull up an inspiring craft video and before I know it, the dishes are drying, the house is cleaner, and my daughter and I are sharing some more quality craft time together.
Here's to meeting a few of your personal craft goals in 2013! Happy New Year!-Anna


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