Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy (Inter) National Scrapbooking Day!

Creating cards with my friend yesterday was the perfect way to get my craft mojo fired up for my favorite holiday, (see blog post title).
Last night Sunday and I got to spend some quality craft time with my mom, and as soon as little one retired for the night,  two layouts AND another little card literally flew out of my carry-around stash!
This morning I spent a little time scrolling for inspiration on Instagram. Isn't it just terrifically amazing how much creative energy there is in the crafters community to tap into!? I loved seeing what everyone was getting their glue sticks on in honor of NSD. I'll be working just about the entire day and night through, so being able to tap in and participate by looking will be a big bonus for my day. I mean, who wants to miss out on the fun, right!?
These photos from the last time my in-laws were out are so special to me. I really wanted to do some heartfelt journalling to echo those warm, fuzzy feelings :-) Sometimes, list style journalling can make it easy to get some of those more mushy gushy feelings onto the layout. The little cards in many paper collections out there have great prompts too if you just can't get there on your own.
These photos are so special because they highlight visually some of the really lovely ways my "parents" indulge our family when they visit our coast. There is always a lap available for cuddling. They help me see a different side of my Mr., through stories of their youth -and his! I love that they actually read the things I painstakingly write on the albums and albums worth of layouts they look through!
This last visit I got that great shot of Mr., Sr. Printing up some prose for his grandaughter at my command! Lol what a treasure that will be for us later in life. What a treasure these two are for me, now in life. I can't wait til they come out again... maybe I can even get them scrapbooking this visit!
Enjoy your day, and get scrappy!

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