Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor of Love

Okay these are not childbirth photos so you can go ahead and look at the photos :^)
I'm scrapping at the Sharon Memories here in Olympia and wanted to share my first completed layout with you. 
Pictures of three special dads available for spending Father's Day with are offset with warm wood tones, blues and even the surprising pink! 
I'm hoping my honey will journal about his road to fathering and what it's like parenting our brood (does two count as a brood?)- I even placed a sticker of an old fashioned pen at an angle a lefty like himself would hold it.
Nautical stickers echo the Gig Harbor Historical Society's emphasis on the Mosquito Fleet's local influence . I also added a burlap lol through the magic of Washi tape!
Thanks for cropping by to craft with me tonight!
♡ Anna

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