Wednesday, October 15, 2014

RETRO Sketch 136

RetroSketch #136

Was literally "messing" around in the craft room today with the intention of creating a Heidi Swapp- style mini album... but I got sidetracked by Retro Sketch #136 first!
Popped onto my blog this morning to see how the video thumbnail for Card Magic Part Two appears, and saw that I'll have to remove or move the DieCutCrazy contributor logo. What a bummer. I enjoyed writing for them so much! Meeting the monthly deadlines and interacting with the other contributors challenged me so positively and I've been a bit floaty feeling about crafting ever since I learned we're no longer publishing. The good news is, now you can get all the past issues for FREE and that,  dear reader, is a whole lot of inspiration for your perusal.
This week I seemed to have shaken off a bit of that stupor and got Part Two of my Card Magic series uploaded, as well as some of my recent fall themed cards into the Pickers' Northwest Antique store down on the waterfront of Gig Harbor. The owner Ken was sharing that he too was a bit distracted the last couple of weeks and that made me feel a little better lol.  He also shared that our store is in the running as one of Western Washington's best Antique Stores! That would be an awesome bit of publicity for me too so I encourage all my followers to vote here.
Anyway, under that blog badge was another for RetroSketches. If you've never followed the link, you should! Hey, click around with all the links on my page and get inspired by what's out there. I love that RetroSketches has a challenge gallery to submit too. With TwoPeasInABucket going to the wayside,  and Shimelle not hosting as many Sketch to Scrapbook page layout shares, I have been feeling the need to share in a global way :-)
That explains why this is my third straight day of posting as well as why I've been blowing up my social media sites lol. You can click on any of the purple links at the top right of this post to see what I've been sharing in other locations.
Speaking of other locations, it's Wednesday night and that means my favorite show of all time, Survivor is on! I love seeing how the relationships formed in the first days of the show stretch out over the season. That and the exotic locations I dream of seeing myself!
Thanks for stopping by and come back soon~ maybe I'll get that mini album up tomorrow. Maybe I should make it before promising anything hahaha~

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