Saturday, November 15, 2014

Celebrate With Me!

Sparkle A Little Brighter Darling
  54 Subscribers on YouTube!
14 Blog Followers! 
125 Instagram Followers!
2 Gig Harbor stores selling my cards!

Wow, this is my 200th Blog Post, and NO, I'm not throwing these figures out for no reason- they are a little proof that YOU REALLY LIKE ME! lol, for the last year I've been working on increasing the amount of posting that I've done, hoping to attract more interested viewers, and it looks like it has paid off :-)

My initial goals were to have 50 YouTubers, and 10 Blog followers... so hooray for all of you who surpassed my expectations. Granted, I set them relatively low, but you know I love challenges, so perhaps by this time next year I will have DOUBLED that goal. ..

I'm especially hoping to have my cards distributed in a few more places; combining my love of crafting with bi-monthly shop visiting always brings more smiles to my craft room.

Speaking of smiles in the craft room, this week I'm throwing sequins on EVERYTHING it seems, so that will be my November product challenge item. I got so many beautifully colored and shaped sequins at the Creating Keepsakes Convention last weekend, and they are fun and flashy so what's not to love? I'm also taking a harder look in my bling box and am determined to use up some of those barely there bling backers, so watch as I apply liberal doses of all manner of bling to get us through the end of 2014.

Ok, now to celebrate with me, this weekend I've got another Bling-tastic giveaway, so go ahead and comment below to enter and perhaps I'll draw your name on Monday. Let me know of some cute handmade goods or artsy little shop that could use a little CraftWithAnna carding!

Thanks as always for your support and ideas, enjoy your weekend, and Happy crafting!

Sunday applies washi tape to the edge of a plastic bag full of sequins,
 and a foam adhesive keeps things sliding around in there.


  1. I love the card- great for Any occasion and great to have in hand! Thanks again for amazing inspiration !

    1. Thank you Donna for playing and commenting in my Subbie Celebration giveaway! A bling-tastic prize pack is coming your way!

  2. I love seeing Sunday's little hands applying washi tape. It just goes to show can never be too young to craft!

    1. Boy, Daphne isn't that the truth! And thank you for bringing my attention to the fact that I didn't explain the photo! The square of white you see is a pop dot to keep the sequins sliding around...