Monday, May 2, 2016

Pay it forward

I often tell people that my daughter's have both literally been crafting since the womb... from the cradle of my arms, I nursed Rainie through countless pages made with Close To My Heart's Studio J software. From a seat on my lap as I guided her hands into proper pen holding positions, Rainier has always enjoyed art and rates it as the number one reason she wants to go to school- despite our ability to pretty much spend all day long every day for weeks at a time doing just that without the need to visit a craft store.
Sunday's due date came and went even though I tried my hardest to craft myself into labor! I'll never forget the day she taught herself to stamp with a little wooden block and a scrap of paper on the ground. ..
As the girls have gotten older and their art has manifested into stacks of paper to precious to toss, I realize I may have "created" little craft-a-holics in the making! But, this note I received the other day erased all misgivings about the encouragement they continue to receive to Just Make It!, and made my day completely:



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