Monday, October 3, 2016

Spotlight on Sunday on Monday

   She's got....personality  <3 
You know something I am never lacking? Printed photos. The feeling of a fresh stack of prints from Walgreens contained within an envelope riding on the passenger seat next to me is one that literally gives me a thrill just thinking of. Hey, I basically scrapbook for a living so those are all little inheritable CraftWithAnna tax write-offs! You know something we don't have many of? Professional family portraits. Living within our age of digital photography, combined with my desire to take better photos of my family, to really capture our lives and twinkling eyes more naturally, has always made getting into a studio with the four of us an unimportant task.
Enter gala nights on board our cruises. Enter fabulous outfits that we would normally never wear! Enter a REAL photographer, huge umbrella'd lights, and... posing in front of strangers with little to no direction, on the way to dinner, with two hungry kids and a very possibly inebriated hubby?!
Yes, it's true that part of the reason my family was so anxious to dine was that I made them all pose for my own photo session in our cabin :-O  I had each of my subjects stand near the natural light coming in from the window, then turned them in a few directions and coaxed familiar grins and real smiles from them. Oh and we couldn't forget mom! Thank you, self-timer. THEN I allowed us to progress to one of the photo stations set up to capture our fellow travelers in all their regalia.
Check it out; we totally nailed it! I mean, of two poses and quick photographs taken of my reluctant and ravenous family, this one has those gleams and twinkles and even the dramatic background that I love to capture with my android lens.
I even captured this photo, with that same lens, albeit "illegally" from the display gallery. Cause people, I was trained by the best in the art of sneak photography/photobombing. And, you should know after reading a few posts of mine that I would much rather hubby saved his money for (wine and) organic food stuffs than to pay $47 for ONE photo that we may or may not ever be put on display in our home. The home where we may or may not lounge about dressed in our (birthday) suits and glittering dresses. I do wear glittering shoes often... :-)
Besides, there was still the po$$ibility that we could run into a paper products store of some interest along the way... 


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