Friday, November 4, 2016

If this is a dream...

"Last night I dreamt of San Pedro..."
Well, no not really, last night I actually dreamt of being in my own bed, cradled in my lover's arms. No children ensconced warmly on either side of me, no concern about whether the time of morning awareness being appropriate for rising, and no breakfast to prepare literally looming on the horizon... just me and my honey, alone and in love. Fully awake at the lovely hour of whatever comes before o'dark-thirty, and with my overly sensitive heartstrings twanging, I took a moment to just lay in bed and thank the stars I knew were still out for this golden opportunity I'm enjoying... cause folks, this week the girls and I are living it up on La Isla Bonita, Kauai!
My mom has invited our family on many a vacation since it's inception, but this fall is the first time the girls and I have  been able to join her. This opportunity means so much to me! Number one, my mom is FUN to be around. She's my go-to for going anywhere, really. Wine tastings? Check. Shoe shopping? Check and double check. Scandinavian folk dancing? Oh yeah, we're there!
Number two, I'm simply grateful to still have my mom in my life. Aside from bouts of teen angst interferring with our relationship many moons ago, there was that damn breast cancer she had to go through getting in the way of our entertaining each other last year.
She has been promising for about the last ten years that she would have her ashes spread in Hawaii for no other reason but  than to send me here for an undeniable purpose, but man, am I glad that's not why we're here this week :-)
We are instead spreading smiles. The radiance of our similiar ready-to-share-grins engages both my daughters and the strangers we've met about town, and invites them to participate in the love we share for each other and our shared experiences.
Number three, if I need to put one down, is that, if I'm honest, I've been a little jealous of my in-laws for having had two week-plus vacations spent soley in the company of their son and grandchildren. Granted, they live thousands of miles away most of the year, but STILL. I'm loving it that my mom finally gets us all to ourselves (especially me)!
So here we are, living it up Aloha style- full of love,  full of life, full of spirit(s)... and craft supplies at the ready, of course <3

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