Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cause you know I'm all about that...

PAINT bout that paint, no troubles ♡

These last few weeks have been a creative whirlwind. Oh, that's no different from any other set of time in my craftalicious life, but I was lining up one "job" after another- nothing to complain about to be sure- and it seemed there were so many projects to complete, inspirational moments, brainstorming sessions galore... whew!

Good news: I have accepted fully, the fact that I am an instigator. Good news: I've used it to my benefit. Better news: I'm joyfully able to extend that benefit to others. 

Last weekend I taught two couples and a friend a painting class with the underlying theme of Relationships.  It was awesome to see so many unique expressions showing up on the canvases,. And speaking if unique, we added feathers to our birds! Yep, upped a simple fake bird acrylic paint job and transformed it into mixed media fantasticness times six (I included my in-class example too, tee hee)! 
I've been gifted a Valentines gift of a break from caretaking this weekend and get to travel to Enumclaw with my family (dad, younger brother, his gf, and her friend ♡ to a chocolate and wine festival. Can there be any better pairing ( except perhaps paper and photos)? Lol. 
Next weekend I've got back to back Valentine's cardmaking classes in Key Center; from 204pm at the library, and later that night I'll be fundraising for the New! Key Peninsula Cooperative Preschool Alumni Scholarshp Fund. I'm so excited about both of these make and takes  :-) 

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