My Craft Room

Some of my first and most popular YouTube videos are the ones showing off my craft space:

Now it's been a couple years since those tours were conducted, and lately I've been craving some block/cube storage for my space.
Who needs sleep when you can move furniture at night instead...

 Spent hours mentally preparing by listing my desires
 (as well as how to present the changes to the owner of the house and head decision maker around here) considering what has been working well for me and changes that may make making all that much easier.

Uh Oh, what happened here?

Peek a Boo Sunday
This may be a work in progress? But it does look better in real life haha.

now it's a room with an Uncluttered view
Place to show off my family and our art,
plus a place for the cricut, printer, and laptop.
I picked up 9 unfinished crates from Joanne's, rolled up my sleeves,
and in about 4 combined hours, transformed my space!
My hulking desk is now a woodstove cover

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