Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ready Set Sort

In the ongoing attempt to organize, I sorted through my collection of patterned papers. I am proud to say I cut my stash in half- and then in half again! Well it seemed like that anyway. I did get at least half of twelve years worth of collected paper out of my bin! Its not actually going to leave the house (I will gift it to my two year old) but that's beside the point of the activity.
Next I took all of my recently purchased alphabet stickers and filed them away by color into an 8x8 plastic storage box. If I needed to, I simply cut the sticker sheet down to fit. Now when I'm looking for the perfect title making letters, they'll be easy to locate.
Do you struggle with getting rid of your old beloved supplies that you haven't used since purchasing twelve years ago like me? I challenge you to gather some craft and donate it! Leave me a comment about your struggle and I'll commiserate!
Good luck!

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