Friday, April 19, 2013

Flower Power!

The last two days have found my oldest daughter and I drawing creative inspiration from the pages of magazines!

We started yesterday with this fun layout based on Januarys JCPenneys advertisement. You may remember I used this same circular for a page earlier this year ("Ever heard of Induction by Craft?")
It was not only a great challenge to try to duplicate the look and colors of the Penneys ad, but I think there was a little teaching moment between my helper and I as well. She helped me to identify the prominent colors, and I helped her to adhere the pieces we'd chosen.
OK. The truth is I didn't allow her to glue anything down herself... call me selfish but I enjoy touching the paper too much to share! She did help me thread the rickrack up top, using my handy dandy dental floss threader (aka: our very special tool).
This morning we made a page for a picture of her sister using a Nordstroms photo. But its not embellished yet... hence it is not posted here. ;-)

What inspires you when you are looking to make something? I'd love to have you post a comment. It might even be worth a freebie!
happy crafting!

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