Saturday, January 10, 2015

Color inspiration

A pretty card for a new client came together rather quickly- it's amazing what one can make from the bits and pieces left on the workspace! The tiny scrap of floral printed paper on the left was the inspiration for my colored scraps on this card... as you can see, inspiration can be interpreted as loosely as desired when it comes to my crafting world!
The part to focus on is being able to create based on anything- important to remember when looking at other artist's offerings and being tempted to compare skill levels or products available. Think about what you're envious of; what do you admire about another's gallery? Then collect some product and create something about it!
So, back to my scrap bucket: a previously misted muted purple with Thank You stamped randomly, first and second generation, amongst the droplets. That pink heavy weight cardstock? Old Creative Memories sticker packaging from, you guessed it, that cold foil batik leaf sticker! A bit of teal with holding a jewel from a broken necklace twined on, and my favorite silver Sharpie to accent the grey card base edges.
Go take a look at one of your most used workspace. See anything that, well, goes together? Throw it on a card or alongside some pictures from this week and just Get Crafty! Feeling the need to introduce new products into the mix? Head over for a free make and take at the Michael's store in Gig Harbor this afternoon, Saturday Jan. 10th from 1:30-3:00 pm. I'll be demoing DIY Valentine's for the 12th Man in your life... Go Hawks!

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