Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Video Post Today!

April Fool's!

Lol, I had to do something fun today for all my friends:-) Can you believe it? A week on board a beautiful ship with the sea before us and a crop room featuring a stunning window view? Through my daily newletters, you'll explore your unique scrap style, stretch your story with intriguing journaling and  photo prompts, and even learn some tips for organizing your stash once you get back home. And, can you say, Scrap Exchange?! Not to mention the indulgences offered by the cruise ship itself... all you can eat around the clock, beverage packages for every lifestyle, and entertainment galore. For more insight on exursion-ing around Cozumel, click on the travel tab above.

Growing up in my family, this a day we all looked forward to. Some of my favorite pranks were the annual "phone call from the east coast." This was an easy one, and involved calling my dad in from the back 'forty to answer a call from his parents... of course there was no one on the line when he got to it! haha. Another instance I still chuckle over was the sound he made at 5 o'clock in the morning as he took that first sip of coffee... flavored heavily with a big spoonful of sugar (except it was salt!)
The best part of April Fool's is the surprise element. On the radio this morning NPR reported that surprise is even one of the elements that increases our emotional memorization of the moment. Our brain tells us, here's something important to remember! I'm going to stretch here a bit, and go so far as to say that April first is a lesser known day that calls for scrapbooking. Or card making. Something creative having to do with celebrating anyway.

Later this week you will see what's inside that delightful April 2015 card making kit featuring My Mind's Eye's Jubilee collection of Wild Berry themed papers and embellishments. Click subscribe on any of my YouTube videos and you'll get my latest shows waiting for your viewing in your queue. I've already found a home for many of my left over scraps amongst the pictures from my recent family reunion trip to Tenamaxtlan, Mexico!

Now lets go get 'em, whoever they are... hey, we're building memories people!

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  1. Oh those really were the Best pranks! Thanks for reminding us that April is apron is and it Is a great time to get scrapping !