Sunday, May 3, 2015

NSD Indeed

Sometimes, a surprise is "in store..."
  I hadn't planned on being able to participate in any National Scrapbooking Day festivities, but I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped at Michael's on my way out of town to check my upcoming schedule and discovered I had three people signed up for my Beginner's Papercrafting class that day!

I was excited because the cards we would be learning to create were so fun to make. While I was waiting for class to begin I created my samples and an interested passerby decided to sign up on the spot too, what fun.

We didn't know the other three peeps would be no-shows! And we ended up sharing a delightful couple of hours getting to know each other (and the store's paper trimmer). My student's aura matched her shirt- bright, cheerful, full of pep and sunshine! Seriously, with that floral top she had on I wanted to transplant her into my garden of friends lol.

My favorite part of the class was how she kept picking up the first card she made- the one she's holding up above- and just couldn't seem to believe it had been made by her own hands lol. That's always a good feeling, when your creation gives back to you the same pleasure you had making it. I'm sure whomever she gifts it to will feel her genuine feel-good attitude emanating from within the envelope :-)

Speaking of feel-good, um, feelings, the auction I attended did fabulously! Through a significant matching donation, a record setting amount was raised for Etta's Projects. My friend Jen and I even "won" a women's weekend retreat at our local YMCA Camp! Along with some apple cider moonshine and a new ring, a couple Etta-tini's each... yep, our contributions both monetary and at the check-in table probably ensured us a place helping out next year...

Now, if it happens to fall on NSD again, I am bringing a little project with me to work on in my down time... probably end up costing less than pursuing the auction items lol.

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