Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Special Delivery: Out of the Box WriteItDesigns.com Video!

I've been using a planner religiously for the last 8 years or so... I say religiously, because, in much the same way my church attendance wavered through those years, my need to record life's upcoming and occurring events has also come and gone. I know after I quit working to stay home with Rainier, it felt really naked to not have that big hunk of bound paper journaling stuck in my oversized purse. Somehow I managed to show up on time to the places I promised to be... so stressful for me though! Just like when I forget to turn to my congregation in times of prayer need, I have a times allowed my brain to convince me that it knows how to take care of everything. To which I say, Brain, I know you're trying hard, but please allow for assistance!
These amazing planner pads were created using WriteItDesigns.com- a site that is so fun to play on, you practically forget something is coming in the mail for you (or maybe that's just me). I'm working on another video that shows the actual ordering process, because it is super easy too. With an intuitive, step by step site,  it is easy to place an order for your own customized notepads and planner pads featuring high quality papers and vivid colors. There are many different sizes to choose from, too!
As you can see in the video above, I've got a full week ahead of me- yesterday I started a project for our preschool classroom, today I'll be teaching another session at the Red Barn youth center out here, and then on Friday I'm returning to the library to guide our local Home School Association youth  through an interesting fall mixed media home décor piece! To cap off a week of work, this weekend will bring a celebration that is 10 months in the waiting- my mom's last radiation treatment!
In November she was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. Then came surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. There is still some surgery on the horizon, but life is on it's way to resuming normalcy- hip hip hooray! I know that the prayers of our friends and family have not only been a big support during this trying time for her, but it also helps to know she is not alone. So, we are going to have a wonderful time for all of those people who want the best for her <3
Thanks for taking the time to open yesterday's mail with me! If you're interested in getting a package with completely customized pads of pretty paper, click over to WriteItDesigns.com and have a good time yourself, or leave a comment below and you could win a pretty delivery from my CraftWithAnna card stash... Have a happy, well-planned week!

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  1. Planning looks so easy with the fun tools on writeitdesigns.com! I think I'll join in the fun and add the success to my stash book!