Friday, October 2, 2015

Hallo, It's Fall!

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Yep, it's time... 
Yesterday marked the beginning of fall for our house. I know it technically started towards the end of September, but since the bread winner of our home spends the majority of his work week outside, under a horse, we tend to hold to our summer-time vibe and indoor/outdoor decorations right up until the beginning of October. Which is now. Hence, the welcome of  Fall to our home!
I haven't had taken time to disperse my collection of PartyLite pumpkins throughout the house, because I've been busy keeping the card racks in Gig Harbor full of my "CraftWithAnna: Handmade from the Heart" line of greeting cards! So, now that October is here, I can use up my existing Halloween stash in anticipation of the discounted purchase-ables that will soon fill the aisles of my favorite craft supply stores. Favorite, as in All. :-)
Jeff Probst, torch snuffer extraordinaire
Do you have a favorite thing about this season? Some of my favorites include boots and sweaters, the crackle of leaves underfoot, the splendor of the changing tree-scape, and the smell, sound, and warmth of burning in our home's wood stove. I love that the boldest nightlight in the sky can be called a Harvest Moon. I love that the clouds release the rain our state is known for, and the resulting replenishment of our aquifers- drinking well water helps me remember what a privilege water rights are. I love the return of CBS's Survivor and it's host Jeff Probst- and his dimples- to our Wednesday nights. And our mantle. What, you don't have a J.P. bobble head doll?! For shame!
Yes, friends, I'm sorry, but I have to admit: I love it that there are more days where it's best to just sit inside and be cozy! There are so many beautiful summer days that I'm not fully participating in because my heart longs to be creating in a venue that does not include wind! Time in the garden is enjoyable but in such a different way- and takes so much longer to produce well, produce. Dirt is certainly not a first choice medium of mine; I'd much rather play with paper than seedlings!
All not-really-joking aside, this year's garden will be marked in our scrapbooks as the first one where I really did enjoy the thrill of growing. From planning my beds, weeding early and often, selecting seeds, transplanting seedlings... I even read books (okay, I started one book) about the subject! The beautiful thing about gardening is that it actually is very rewarding. As I remarked to my father, an avid gardener of tomatoes, peppers, peaches and super sized corn, "When you've grown something start to finish, it almost becomes a part of you." With food, that really does go full circle lol. Depending on where you get your fertilizer, it can go in an even fuller size circle hahaha.
I was pleasantly surprised to have found the evening's routing of sprinkler rotations soothing. Getting up early in the morning to turn the timer on for the soaker hose allowed me to walk softly with bare feet in the morning's dew on the warm lawn. I gazed adoringly over my squash blossom's bold bursts of golden yellow and exclaimed with joy as my tomato "babies" arrived. There were moments when I needed a few minutes to myself and found the respite of garden tending to be just what I needed to reset my attitude and return to my family with renewed cheer and gratitude at what I can do for them. Seeing how my plants thrived under my care became a very bold way to interpret my influence in our family as well.
Despite the interference of our flock of chickens repeatedly unearthing any area that had plants growing in it, I successfully harvested a handful of tiny sugar pumpkins that just may become a pie at month's end. Not wanting the memorable fresh taste of just picked lettuce to wither away from boxed salad replenishment, I even started a new set of garden boxes with seed towards the beginning of August. It will be interesting to see what else grows to maturity before the cold weather sets in. I'm even toying with the idea of creating a green house environment for next years season.
One of these cards is not like the others...
Of course, those thoughts of gardening and it's joys are easily forgotten in the ongoing make and take atmosphere of my creative mind. (Lol, I make a lot of cards and then take them to Gig Harbor.) After the frivolity of Halloween's costuming dressing up my card fronts, I'll be on to the sweet sentiments of family gatherings and thankful thoughts of Thankgiving before releasing my Winter/Holiday greetings into the community. I signed up for the Vaughn Civic Center's Winter Warm up in November and have only, oh, 150 + cards to create and keep in stock up before then. I'm no squirrel, but yes, it IS a little nuts to take on an endeavor like that... ah well, I've always enjoyed these self imposed challenges, and  there's no better weather to be creating in than the crisp autumn days between then and now! As this wood veneer card proclaims, "Live Life", right? (Live Life Right. Live. Life, Right? you get the picture...) Happy Friday, friends <3

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