Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Sweet Rainier

Today my dearly loved daughter is 5... for me, this birthday has been the most shocking- perhaps because my memories are so vivid from after this age. Meaning, now everything I do can and will be used against me hahaha.
Someone's excited to be Five!
Your Name goes here ^
We decided to have a tea party on Monday, despite her birthday being on Tuesday, because school was out. Mom app'd up some invites and sent them to a few friends that we don't get to see all that often but mean the world to us.
Everyone arrived in Tea Time finery, and after much beveraging, healthy snacks that looked not so yummy to some, a photo scavenger hunt, and some good old fashioned chicken chasing (a tradition now), we had to say adieu. What a fun day, full of sunshine and the children's laughter.
After five years and nine months together, I know what a blessing, and example, God sent me in her unconditional love. Her observations make me take notice of life from a new perspective. Those bright blue eyes continue to captivate my attention, and as the strength of her hugs increases, so does my adoration of her growth.
Photo Bombing Dog
Get' Em, Kids!


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