Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Talk To Me Tuesday

 I have a few friends who like to get together for a few hours (or days) to "crop." As in, "crop it like it's hot." As in, "What happens at the crop stays at the crop!" Okay, so what is a crop?!

The term crop came into my vocabulary when I started scrapbooking. I had never imagined cutting into a photo before introduced to this sometimes-strange world of cutting and pasting people with papers. So one of the first tricks I was taught was to focus my photos by cropping off parts that detracted from what I wanted to be the focal point,  i.e. white space or foreign objects or a blurry finger over the lens.
There are even tools to organize your stash that are called Cropper Hoppers. See, when you get together with a lot of scrapbookers, you are at a crop. And those organizers do make it a lot easier to tote a massive amount of paper and stickers along with you to those events!

Well the point of this post was to admit that a month or so ago, my scrappy friend Ms. B and I decided we needed to have a crop soon. And that it should be at my mom's house, because she has this incredible space in her basement that will accommodate a large number of ladies and their stuff. Did we mention our plan to her? oh no, not until today, when we decided we should have our crop this Saturday.
I wasn't raised to cut pictures, and I wasn't raised to invite a bunch of people over to someone else's house without first asking their permission...whoops!
Lucky for me, my momma loves to party and to scrapbook so she was excited, and I put up an event on facebook this afternoon. Since she also generously offered us the use of her supplies as long as we bring adhesives, I thought this meme was appropriate:
Every time I see it, I smile really big inside. Because, hello, manners matter, people!
Thanks for sharing a little learning and a little laughing with me tonight ~Anna


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