Thursday, July 14, 2016

Photo Bombing at the Red Barn

North, South, East or West,
In your arms is where I like best <3
There surely must be something to be said, or has probably already been said, about what is seen through the eyes of a child being the truth. I didn't plan on being the subject matter at our free CraftWithAnna: Photo Bomb! class held at the Red Barn in Key Center, but I can't say I minded. Especially once Laura forwarded me the amazing shots captured (by one of the latest iPhones, of course). The radiance in these pictures took my breath away, and while I certainly can't take credit for the photos taken, I can take partial credit in the making of some of the subject matter, so, yeah me!
practically flawless
Another saying kept in mind while downloading these treasures was how much like sponges kids are. We've allowed Rainier her own digital camera for much of her life, and seeing the world through her perspective is a unique opportunity to literally walk in her shoes. Having her along while we walked the youth center's perimeter allowed me the chance to direct her more as a teacher than a mom, something we're getting more used to as we work our way through summer towards the approach the September school starting up again season. Our decision to homeschool through Kindergarten is one we're pretty excited about, but there are disadvantages to being taught without peers, too. Our community of fellow homeschoolers hosts regular outings, though, and coupled with classes like this, she gets to interact with a lot of different age groups too. Just like in real life!
This Photo Bomb! class was geared toward the picture taker of now. Using a cell phone, most likely the smartest afforded, the new approach to photography doesn't generally include setting up a shot, or waiting for the perfect moment to take one photo that you hope will turn out. Most often it is, take a picture of me doing this (like, 20 times until you get the right picture I can post later), or, I was here, photo-etically.
I wanted to instill in them the idea of the patience it would have taken to slowly spend 24 pictures, and then drive them to The local photo developer- it was a special place, not located inside a drug store. That, weeks later you would finally see the (doubles) of your good or bad pictures. The idea of storing negative film strips for possible future reprinting is as ludicrous to the average cell -phone photographer as actually printing your pictures is!
We gathered experience shooting action during a pick up game of basket ball. We waited for the attention of the game to focus on an individual's actions. We hunkered down on the ground and got interesting perspective shots- of shoes, of the hoop, I think someone even got one of sweat flying! Well, my students hunkered down, I carried Sunny around and shouted like a director on set. It was terrific fun!
We walked in the shade of the surrounding evergreens. We chased dandelion fluff and honey bees, and found outlier flowers, bursting with ripening vegetables; pure anomalies of creation, and captured their beauty.

hush, little baby

Here you can see how the photographers focused the infinite number of greens into the background to allow bursts of color take off-centered stage. I taught about using a tic tac toe grid to create visually interesting focal points. About using the existence of vibrant color in Pint, Quart, Gallon distribution. About making a connection with the subject and getting to know it's best side, or noticing and working with light as contrast or compliment.

We looked closely at what grew, and as we watched, we grew too. Each viewpoint acknowledged, celebrated, shared. Exclamations over nature's bounty... music to this teacher's ears!
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