Sunday, August 21, 2016

Time Hopping

On our visits to the local Key Center branch of the Pierce County Library, I take advantage of the free Wi-Fi to download free overlays from the free app, Photo Grid. Then with a few swipes of the S-pen held within the Note3 I tote I have a ready to scrap pic with built in title, date, patterned papers, etc.
This, combined with another free app called Instagram, are two of my go to photo enhancers. I also use a lovely bokeh effect in KiwiCamera, which really comes in handy for capturing the sparkles of life. Another bonus, discovered whilst the girls and I visited with peers at a beautiful tea party outside last week; when my camera battery died, I was able to use the Kiwi one just fine :-)
After listening to a Paperclipping Roundtable podcast where the host, Noel Hyman's husband Izzy talks about sharing snapchat photos with his daughter. I figured it would be cool to send some to my cousin's daughter's, I've seen them playing with it. I have only sent one picture to my friend from YMCA camp, but I did figure out there are all kinds of things you can do with overlay options in other apps too, so here's an artsy way I expressed my emotional state of unrest coinciding with the Pokémon craze>>>>>>>>>>>
Last month my mom and I drove Up North. Almost to Canada North. Were we scrapbooking in the car on the way up there? Yes we were. It was a long drive and our portraitist wasn't quite ready to invite us in, being engaged in consultation with another client. What did we do, break out the plywood from the back seat "desk" and start scrappin' on the trunk? No, I didn't think of it! But we did do a little warm up photo shoot, and I adore the pictures captured.
There was something I realized when I reviewed them, selecting which one's I'd pre-scrap in this 4x4 format... I can bring a giggle out of my mom, and really seeing her beauty shining at me so clearly... well, it made me smile too.

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