Friday, September 27, 2013

Finishing Touches

How do you make use of the beautiful paper getting
"lost" between pages in your albums? I'm talking about the backsides of those gorgeous, eye catching designer papers we love to use.
In this example, I covered the brad tines that poked through from my previous post's layout with a few of my many washi tapes in different patterns and widths. This is something I often do; since I have a lot of tape, and I tend to pull pages in and out of the protecting sleeves more times than I maybe ought to. The tape is great for covering seams, too, since I usually cut the majority of background papers out as well. I'm such a paper hoarder!
After I laid my strips of tape down, my eye happened to fall on the stack of dollar bin embellishments I've been whittling down. I realized, I can use these Right Now! and with a few peels off their protective backings, a new page layout was in its early stages of development.
One of the main "problems" with using the backside of an already made layout is that, without proper planning i.e. almost every page I make, you are left with a page that NEEDS to have a consequential set of pictures on it in your album. If you are scrapping a series of photos, this usually will work out pretty well, you just put the next set of pictures down and boom, you're on to the next page! On the other hand, if you scrap -and print photos- out of order like I do, then often times that plank page will sit, basically forgotten, until the next time your album is looked through. With this in mind, I added a simple title that I figured could end up to be applicable to any photos of my girls that might end up being put in place at a future date.
Am I worried that the page will never be completed? NO! because, a)I used the embellishments I wanted to in a design that I'm happy with, and now I can buy more, b) I can always use the page for jounalling if I never find or print photos that "go" here, and c)whocares! Another page is completed and it looks like I had fun making it. Which I did!

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