Friday, September 6, 2013

Results of my Crafting by Candlelight experiment

Okay, I'll be honest, when crafting is as important as it is to me, and you live in the forested boonies like I do, crafting by candlelight becomes not a rare, craft eliminator, but a joyous reason to break out the lighter and see what happens!
I'm so pleased with how this layout turned out. In the semi-darkness it was hard to tell if my mat color was a good match but I trusted my gut and it lends just the subtle color break I was looking for.
The bold polka dot strip by Storytellers Club  in the background conveys some of the excited energy Rainier and I shared as we set out on our first camping trip in two years. The last time we went camping with my dad, Ed, was when she was thesame age as Sunday is now... my how time flies! What a difference a couple of years makes. This year she was able to help me put the tent up, make our bed.  There were times I was so grateful she's the kind of child who can occupy herself reading, fixing the blankets or just snacking at the picnic table with Nana and Pop::pop (and Nanas little dog, too!) while I was nursing Sunday or whatever.

Focusing my creativity into this page helped me literally work through my dissapointment at not having been chosen to design for SEI this year. Out of the hundreds of applicants only six were chosen. I'm really going to be looking forward to watching for next years design call!
The latest edition of DieCutCrazy magazine for iPad and iPhone is available now so hurry on into the app store and grab a copy to inspire you as the fall settles in around us.
Happy Crafting!

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