Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crop Hoppin!

The Michaels store I teach at has begun hosting regular Crop-ins, and tonight my mom, daughter, best friend, and her grandaughter all gathered with me in the classroom to build a few layouts and chat about life.
When it was time for dinner, my little crafter Rainie and her grammaD headed back to Tacoma for a sleepover, and DF and I headed up to hang with the croppers ensconced within Burien's own Mimi's Scrapbook store.
We've been there a few times before, but never to crop. Under new management, the place had the same spacious shopping area, now filled with the familiar paper trays sold by our own Toadilly Scrappin last summer when they closed their doors.
I managed to stay away from all the beautiful sticker sheets and paper packs,  embellishments, stamps, etc long enough to complete these two pages featuring my favorite Rainbow singing in the rain last fall.
My mom has a talent for capturing us at our best- and a quick shutter on her iPhone, coupled with clear quality mega pixels, usually provides me with plenty to scrap!
I love my new goodies, these captured moments now laid out on pretty paper, and fully intend to head back up to Burien soon, as they offer a 15% discount on purchases made by within-30-day returning customer purchases.
A truly Delightful time spent with my favorite scrappers, as well as some new aquaintences!

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