Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Official!

A dream I honestly did not see coming to fruition has somewhat magically presented itself, and my handmade cards are now being sold in Gig Harbor's Copy and Mail It store! I know, right?
Today the girls and I set up over 30 cards in a lovely rack provided by the store owners. I didn't realize before working away on creating all those cards that the rack is really for cards that are horizontally oriented, but oh well.
Seemed like a great reason to make MORE cards this week!
All my cards are reasonably priced between 1.49 and I think 4.99 at the most right now. As I get more into the groove the prices may reflect the value I feel they are worth. As in, more "stuff," more $$ heheh  I even put a little card in the back of each protective sleeve advertising my blog here as well as the fact that I teach at Michael's three days a week.
This new adventure is so thrilling and with the advent of tourist season coming, I see more creations in my craft room's future! Thanks to all of my friends and family and even just casually met people who have encouraged me along the way. Every ooh and ahh has got me to this point :-) Cheers!  (picture me with a 1,000 mega-watt smile)

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