Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bob Ross Results

 Can you find "Bob?"
Okay, so last night I was leading this amazing group of local moms through a "Purdy Inspired" waterscape painting class. I had my examples, my Bob Ross afro, and technical jargon loaded, and a smile on my face as class started. I felt prepared. A few hours of YouTubing will do that to a person :-)

 What I did not expect was the adorableness that describes the enthusiasm of my class. Everyone brought their smile -and their snacks, yum. Despite their protests of, "I'm no artist!" "I'm scared (get that wig away from me)!" and, "What, no wine?" their attention to instruction was refreshing. Happy clouds would be made tonight!

Having no idea what to expect in the way of how experienced the group would be on average was intimidating. Fortunately, my classes are always designed for ages 3 and up, and the format and instructions are based on how well my practice classes with my resident artists go.  In other words, no matter how "bad" at art you are, you should be able to create something awesome if you take a class with me.

So, another thing I was not prepared for, was the talent that came- everywhere I looked I was in awe of what materialized on canvas. Could it have been my entertaining teaching style that produced such works? No, I'm sure the presence of the Holy Spirit was there guiding our brushes into love strokes. As the concentration of creative energy continued to build, the smiles grew brighter. Paint started flying. It was AWESOME.

 And, made even more enjoyable by reading what my friends (I can call them that now) wrote online this morning. They love their art- success story after heartwarming story of family admiration warmed my soul all over again. There is nothing quite like riding home with  big smile on your face and then having it refreshed all over again the next morning, reliving the good times of the night out before...and without the hangover!

 Thank you, God for these women!

Three babies and a "Bob"

Looking for more incredible paint teachings- look for "Mural Joe" and Donna Dewberry and prepare to want to paint Everything You See.

edited to include this following praise:


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