Monday, March 7, 2016

My Monochromatic Monday

This weekend I followed along with's challenges posted every two hours online. It was sporadic bliss! From the time I heard she'd be providing some serious scrap inspiration, I looked forward to the amazing pages I would create. Unfortunately Fortunately, I was so busy interacting with my family and teaching classes and enjoying time with my honey that the ten or so layouts I created, are all in my mind.
By the time Sunday night rolled around, I was ready to put adhesive to paper. BUT now, I had all those unrealized ideas and no direction...okay, there was a lot of direction but no one telling me, DO THIS NEXT. I tried to entice honey to direct me- no thanks, he said. Asked my kids- deeply ensconced in their lego-playing bubble, there was (no response) no help there either.  Originally, I was fired up about using a monochromatic color scheme, and had already chosen these two photos and decided to go with the color red, (or pink, or orange, or brown). So, a monochromatic attempt at scrapbooking commenced.
 I opened up one of my treasure boxes- a container that contains I don't know what until I open it. Oh, hello beautiful, un-opened collection pack from Echo Park of paper and stickers in the Victoria Gardens line! You are just as pretty as when I don't remember buying you :-) I got out that gorgeous sheet of swiss dot with damask details and started to build a corner cluster at the top left.
Sticking with a limited color palette was more challenging than I had anticipated. I started questioning, is it alright to use this sentiment sticker with yellow and green on it? Does black really count as a color? Is brown a shade of red, or orange, or do I care? Then I just told that voice to be quiet because, I really wanted to finish this layout before bedtime.
After all my pieces were in place and firmly adhered, it was time to add the title, Fascinating Mechanisms. Worked backwards. Talk about a brain fry! But I was able to enlist honey's help, and that may have made him feel important enough that the next time I pull out paper and glue, he remembers to bring me a glass of wine.... oops, I was dreaming there for a second :-)
There tend to be the same types of embellishments on all my pages- stickers and bling are so standard to see in my books. Loops of bakers twine and gelato-painted corners were my Shimelle-inspired additions. The painted parts really make me happy! And so do those huge ombre gems from Queen & Co.
I know that using a collection pack made this process a lot simpler than if I had gone shopping from my group papers. I have tendency to over grab- which makes decision making turn into kit making which I'm coming to understand, doesn't always create completed scrapbook pages. I literally grabbed one 12x12" paper, a cut apart sheet, and the sticker sheet, and it all looked beautiful together. I also saw some lovely juniper green and greys that I'm now anxious to mix  together.
Hhmmm... monochromatic color schemes throughout an entire album... now that sounds like a very pretty challenge! So, I'm off to attempt squeezing in the creation of a new page for our current album. But I want to know, what's your favorite color? Would you use it to monochromaticize the interior your house? Was it always your favorite or has your taste in the rainbow changed... and, thanks for reading here today :-)

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