Friday, March 18, 2016

Craft-cation in the Making

Date: Mar 18, 2016 7:09 PM
Alright, if you've read even more than one or two posts on my website prior to this week's travel blogging, you've seen enough evidence that could be used against me in a court of law to prove I'm a serious craft-a-holic. I've seen videos of people who travel with a little washi "just in case," and been amazed that I'm not one of them- with a video boast to boot! Whenever I'm in the mood, I love to just pick up a pile of stuff and make something from it. The times I've taken projects to work on while on non-craft-related vacations aren't many, but they are increasing with each opportunity!
While it still didn't amount to much, last year I brought along a whopper of a kit that included mas papel, stickers, etc, and I happily crafted a card for both my father and my uncle while sitting at la mesa de me abuelita. You know I was hoping she would be crafty too but there wasn't a lot of interest shown :-)
This year, days before I left, I was inspired to attack my planners. They keep track of so much that happens in my life, but you know what's funny? I wouldn't have a clue that they were CraftWithAnna related if I were a stranger opening them! And did you notice I said plannerS? Last year I abruptly changed planners is the middle of the year while undergoing some major life changes. So, yes, I have two volumes of life which I'd like to have reflect more of who I am right now in this year.
First inspiration came when I was trying to decide whether or not to even pack the planner that I'm using now, which started in July 2015. Yep, it actually starts in the middle of the year. Pretty cool, huh? So, now that it is March, there is a lot of info in there- but do I need to take six months worth of growing as an individual along in my carry ons? It occurred to me; I could rip out those pages. And... I could do the same thing to the planner I used for the first half of 2015, which I adored because of it's elegance. And it has a purple cover.
Now I have a complete record of my daily documentings for 2015, and I can find a way to bind the two parts together at a future time if I feel the need. Although I love that purple cover, it is debossed with the numbers, 2015... nothing my sharpie can't fix! But inside it also has all the wrong days with dates etc. I figured, I could cover up what ever I want and really decide as I go what I want the days to look like :-) Such freedom can be overwhelming though... 
Back to my dreams of toting washi around and what I brought along for this trip: multiple colors of thin tape (adhesiva), a child size pair of scissors (tijares), and the Maggie Holmes stickers I got the last Creating Keepsakes Convention. They are so cute! But honestly I hadn't brought myself to use a single one in my planner. I guess that means they're multi-functional- in other words, a good buy! I also brought along my first SMASH roller,  which happens to be a date stamp too. A couple other small clear stamps and some brown ink, a bottle of TomBow clear liquid glue, and only about 5 pieces of A2 sized cardstock.
I've really enjoyed my first attempts at jazzing up my documenting style. First of all, I find it very interesting to go back through the days and find I can now remember what I was doing with large gaps of unfilled time. Large gaps existing because of the lack of memory at the time of writing! And I love thinking about the times with my family, especially since I'm missing the heck out of them on this voyage South.
Second of all, it's crafting- Hello! It seems another bonus of starting it while down here, where the days are long and each hour contains so much of doing so little, is that I can fill my calendar with details that are more than just, did the dishes, fed the horse, collected eggs, yelled at _________. Yes, I keep track of when I lose my temper. I like to keep myself accountable, and also to document what I may have been eating i.e. crap sugar foods that may have triggered the angry mom lurking inside me. I like patient, loving mom so much more, and I document when she shines, as well.
Okay, you've read this far, it's time for the bonus bonus round: today, mi abuelita inquired about the contents of my ziplock o'craft. Whoooop! I think she actually wanted to try some stamping lol. & She may just get her chance!

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