Monday, March 28, 2016

Table for One

Mi abuelita gave me this handmade table topper, and three smaller ones. I reaaaallllyy miss her, and plan to phone her in the morning to say just that. It's nice that I have been able to share the days without her amongst a  small circle of family and friends that support me with their time.  Being able to care for them was something I came to realize meant a lot to me, it was an experience in frustration to not be the one doing everything! Just goes to show, I continue to learn from this trip even after it's conclusion. 
I've been scrapping up a storm to boot! I'm working with a stacked pack of wood grains and kitchen themed papers, and the colors are all warm and the photos will be cherished all over again when my family finally sees them and hears the stories that accompany the 4x6s.

Note to self: share that completed album in a share video!

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