Friday, May 10, 2013

How I Began Scrapbooking...

Over a decade has passed since I first cut up a picture and glued it to a piece of patterned paper and added themed stickers.
Ten plus years of the glorious "art" that is scrapbooking! So many memories captured and made even more wonderful with embellishments (and just the right title)...
I owe it all to my dear friend Daphne who first inspired me with a scrapbook she helped create for a trip her son took to Costa Rica in the late '90s. Lots of stickers used, more layers than I would normally add, creative title work, and of course the all important journaling tell the story of how it all began and highlights our amazing friendship.
We've come a long way, lady!
I'm so glad Tracy from Mercy Tiara issued this challenge so I could finally create this scrapilicious layout :-)

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  1. I really love your layout and the story behind your scrapbooking! Thansk for playing along