Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the Line Long Distance

Remember how much it used to cost to make a long distance phone call? Or how we would daydream of one day being able to see the person we were talking to, even if they weren't in front of us?
Well those days are here and then some! Rainier loves to call and be called online by her "East Coast Grandparents." I love that they can amuse themselves while I do important work like the dishes and laundry lol. Babysitting is just a dial -up away!
The nautical theme of Close To My Heart's Tommy themed papers and canvas embellishments seemed to fit the idea of these three being able to talk anytime, despite the mileage between our homes. For my banner I just used a bunch of scraps that were left over from a card swap I participated in on Monday.
I had no idea until I saw this uploaded image that the swirl of the map print background seems to follow just the right curve around my title. Kind of like a little hug, aww!

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  1. I think it's great that we have advanced technology allowing family and friends from around the world to keep in touch at any time. Great blog! Your cousin....Martha