Sunday, June 9, 2013

Backyard Beauty

This afternoon Sunday was helping me create this simple page for her sister. I was really impressed by how attentive she was! This is my seventh page made for my 30 Days of June challenge to myself. To gain color inspiration we looked to the most recent Nordstrom mailing. The colors found within perfectly echo the brightness of Rainie bathing suit and smile, but we finally settled on this page to lift ideas from.

The blue background is an old S.E.I. paper from their Holiday Cheer line. The reverse is the most beautiful deep purple... if I'd had two hands available I would have cut off most of the sheet and just glued a small strip to one side of the green patterned paper to make it appear as though it was a full sheet of 12x12". I only adhered one side of the papers, and will do my trimming later if I'm desperate from some purple houndstooth!
When I took this photo, I had sent it to Ray with the text, "Wal-Mart called, they want Rainie to model for them!" Heh heh, because of the plastic toy corral and satellite on the roof of the house :-)
I added a lot of bling to my embellishment cluster at the top. In one of my videos you can see that I have more than enough bling to last me awhile! But what girl doesn't need a lot of bling in her life?!
So tell me, where do you find color inspiration for your layouts? Which supplies do you tend to buy in abundance and then hoard! What's your favorite outdoor snack? And... do you know anyone with an "in" at the Wal-Mart marketing department :-D
Happy crafting!

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