Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Storytellers Club

A couple of years ago, I was receiving monthly shipments of kits from Storytellers Club. I love the thrill of opening up an anticipated package of scrap-er-phernelia, and these kits always contained a few sheets of double sided patterned paper (which at the time was sort of a new, fancier paper than I was used to), along with a slew of die-cuts waiting to be torn from their perforated sheets. The papers were always beautifully printed in rich color and the die-cuts perfectly matched the colors and included both embellishments and word-cards. The only trouble was... I rarely knew what to do with the kits! They seemed to be so pretty and perfectly matched that I had no desire to use them! Isn't that silly?
So, in my ongoing effort to use up my old, can't-bear-to-pass-them-on-even-though-I-don't-use-them supplies, I have applied two kits towards my June page a day challenge.
The first page, "It's All About Me," was especially fun to create, as I had a guest collaborator in my young friend Lilly helping me along. I think it was relating to her five-year old attitude of "more is better" that enabled me to use up so many die-cuts and not think I was over doing it. I wish this photo was clearer so you could see some of the details, like the stickers and rub-ons we added to the top banner and the chipboard definition of happy. My daughter Sunday is such a ham and is usually sporting this sunny smile :-)
Two Bright Blue Eyed Girls

The page below was a lot easier for me and is more in line with my current style. I love taking Instagram photos and found that if I visit the kiosk at Walgreens I can upload those pictures and have them printed in the four-by-four inch ratio they are meant to be viewed at. It has not ceased to amaze me that Rainier's eyes are still so blue at two years old, and Sunday could follow that same strange genetic trait. It is not easy to capture the color of babies eyes, fyi, it seems whenever one gets the camera out, the ground suddenly becomes captivating! These photos were taken in March a few days apart. I love how the light reflects the different shades of beautiful blue eyes my girls have - at least for now! I threw on some red and clear bling and felt it was just the right balance of all things elemental.
Thanks for stopping by! I'm steadily keeping up with my layout tabulation, I think I have eight out of eleven days completed as of this posting. The next trip I make to the library I'll be uploading a quick card process video that I hope you'll enjoy. How's that for a teaser!?

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