Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Note To My Teenage Self- Party Like It's 1999!

Ah the nineties... or as I sometimes recall them, the pre-feminine days! These were the days before I truly embraced how fun it is to be a girly-girl, and mostly adorned myself with cool jewelry instead of dresses and such. I even wore an earring in my nose, eyebrow, and tongue, too!
Those have long since disappeared from my face, but the memories, (the holes), and this photo collage from Wal-Mart remain :-)
Watch me as I layer it with some S.E.I. paper, a hidden note, and washi-covered raw chipboard elements. The chipboard fun was inspired by Lisa Dickinson's Seeing Double prompt over at TwoPeas. If you've got a mental block when it comes to using chipboard, I highly recommend her inspiration- it worked for me at least!
My hidden journaling reads, *find the positive quickly, *forgive yourself and others, *don't get down on yourself, *weight isn't important- being healthy is! *be cautious, * try new things and ideas, *love with all your heart.   There were many other wise words for myself in my heart, but alas, when it came time to write them, I went for the much simplified version... perhaps in the future I'll type out some additional verbiage for the back of my hidden card. Just in case my daughters are interested when or before they themselves are teenagers. Now that's a scary thought :-D

I hope you enjoy my third scrapbook process video!

Let me know what you think about my attempt at voice-over, as well as the much shorter video length... and thanks for watching!

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