Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hangin' With the Hombres at the Lakebay Marina Resort

My neighbors waving from the boathouse.

Motorcyclists from the Hombres, cleaning up the dishes.
Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting not just the manliest dishwashers ever, but also the super friendly owner of the recently refurbished Lake bay Marina Resort!

Owner Mark Scott took ownership of the dilapidated Marina last October, and has worked steadily improving the facility and grounds ever since. Anyone familiar with it's site has noticed a huge difference- shrubbery cleared, boards on the dock replaced, and a functioning kitchen are all great reasons to visit, either by boat or by foot.

Fuel, including clear gas with Soltron, and environmentally friendly alternative, can be purchased at the dock. Inside, yummies such as the hot fish and chips my neighbors were enjoying and cold beverages can be purchased for low prices. Paintings by renown local artist Tweed Meyer were available for purchase as well. I love this scene she painted which hangs on the outside of the boathouse.

You can bring your family, including the dog, and stay the whole weekend, exploring the surrounding areas by water. Either bring your boat and moor it for $1/foot, or bring your camping gear and stay on the shore for just $22/night. Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards, or SUPBs as I was informed they are called :-), can be rented for $14/hour.

Last night we shared the company of many locals, visitors grabbing a bite after a day of boating, and as I mentioned before, the motorcycle group, the Hombres, who also happen to be sober riders. Their bikes and leather gear beckoned from across the shore, where they were all set up with tents and tables along the beach. The resort boasts raised campfire pits, and since the burn ban was lifted earlier this week, all the fires were blazing! I'll bet there was a lot of story swappin' going on over there!

What goes better with sitting around the campfire sharing stories than some live music! Every Saturday inside the boathouse local musicians keep the crown bobbin and in our case, dancing. Music starts around 6pm and ends around 8 or so, depending on how much rockin' and rollin' is going on.

Mark sat down with me and shared how overwhelmed he's been- by the support of the community especially. People have been downright ecstatic over the changes, and despite some of the challenges he's run into along the way in trying to fix things up, its all worth it to "breathe the life back into this place," as he so eloquently put it.

This statement really rang true for me; often times I drive the girls past the marina on our way in and out of town... last summer while driving by with my dad Ed, he commented that he used to camp out there amongst the tangle of overgrown bushes and tumbledown buildings. Hmmm, I thought, rustic! But when I showed him the difference driving by this year he was blown away, commenting that it was almost like going back in time to 1972 when he first camped along this shore.

You can find the Lakebay Marina Resort on facebook, sign up for their email list and be in the know about upcoming events and ongoing improvements. The marina is closed Monday and Tuesdays, and Fridays they are open from around 4-8, Saturdays from about noon to 8, depending on the crowd.

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