Monday, August 19, 2013

Mixing Patterned Papers

As much as I rely upon and enjoy following sketches, it is more that I use them as a guide to my creative process, rather than a strict, set way of having to make something. Glitter Girl's rescue lesson this week was all about how to mix patterned papers. I love her examples; I always feel I can confidently accomplish what she's challenging the viewer to make and share.
My two year old and I watched last weeks episode while waiting for baby sister to take her nap. As soon as her head hit the crib sheet we ran to the craft room. Using her prompts to select patterns that coordinated was a lot of fun, and got me to use this scalloped edged 12x12." I was also able to use a sheet of snow covered evergreens, which you can almost see on the right hand side. I couldn't really tell there was snow after layering on my photos and mat. There is some yellow with white clouds print from Bella Blvd, and the heart stickers are by Creative Memories.
  My picture orientation and journaling aren't in the same place as Glitter Girl's sample pattern suggests, but you know I had to make it mine ... I was also trying so hard to make it mine that I turned it to Mama Bossy Pants and turned our fun into tears! Oh boy. After a snack and a new resolve to not take over, Rainie and I finished up this page and called up her East Coast grandparents to share.
Tuesdays have become a day of the week we really look forward to because that's when we see all our storytime friends at the Key Center library. Plus, with all the reading we do, its a day I look forward to because it means a new set of children's reading materials. You know how they love  to read the same thing over and over again :-)
Speaking of trying over and over again, check out my next post for my second interpretation of this patterned paper page challenge. 

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