Thursday, August 15, 2013

On the Up & Up

Wow, it seems like as soon as I noticed I was using the same pattern over and over again, I stumble across another inspiring design by my favorite artiste, Shimelle!
 I remember how much fun Rainie and I had this afternoon last year when we took the car to Les Shwaub (sp?). A task that really doesn't warrent the fondness I now have for these memories!

 I think part of the reason it was well remembered is that these photos are some of the first Instagram shots I took and I was playing with the filters with glee. The smile on her face was still somewhat rare at the time as she was only just beginning to learn "the pose."

This little metal clock finally found a home.

Then I used some FancyPants letter stickers, paper by WeRMemoryKeepers, and Authentique stickers on top of some brown and white grid paper tape.

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