Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Change of Heart In the Tropics

The Beach Club, San Simon,
Roataan, Honduras 
Having no knowledge of the card troubles to come, we gaily proceeded to the most beautiful, albeit crowded, white sandy beach I have ever been on. Palm fronds waving in the breeze, local beer chilled and given to us courtesy of our excursion package, fresh food available, and the inviting azure blue waters of the Caribbean lay before my mattressed tanning bed. Yes, I could definitely get used to this! And another pleasant surprise- our friends! Lani and Nancy, Emily and Beth, Me and Daphne; 6 scrappy ladies out to take a picture for any imaginable reason we could think of...

This little piggy went to the Honduras
I've always assumed that being a winter loving girl woud make me somewhat opposed to the tropics, but I found myself completely in love with instantly dry hair and the tan that was revealing itself within minutes of doffing clothes. I even found a punched paper heart in my bag to confirm that perhaps in my advanced years I have come to appreciate not shivering on vacation!
I {Heart} the Tropics
I used up the last of my cash on a woven bracelet featuring a large, grey swirled flat stone in black thread for only $3. The moon was shining above the cabanas and thoughts that my girls might be looking at the moon too added happiness to the purchasing experience.

Say Hello to my little friend
 All too soon our driver was there to let us know it was time to put our clothes back on and head back to port. Excitement at getting our passports stamped dissolved my tears and let me see the beautiful flowers around in better detail. A couple of these photos would make terrific canvas prints for Christmas or housewarming presents. 

Once back on board, it was time to rinse off the salt water and then to change into something appropriate for dinner and dancing. Yes,dancing! Salsa dancing lessons to be exact. A celebratory drink of the day at dinner was followed by a refreshingly sweet DeSarono on the rocks in the Star Lounge while I watched all the couples already on the dance floor one, and two, sal-sa-step out of sync. Already regretting my shyness at not having roped some willing mens into accompanying me to this event, I had to admit to that there was not a single available man to dance with. Not that there weren't men in the room not already dancing. No, these unmatched were simply unwilling. I guess I can just finish my drink and go back down to the crop room...

Will this be the end of my evening's adventuring? Not likely! Come back tomorrow for more fun, and a whole lot of dancing by myself. Thanks for stopping by!




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