Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Perks of Cruising Alone

Considering tonight's entertainment options...
Did you know another bonus of vacationing on a cruise ship is that you'll get some dance lessons thrown in?  Yes, dancing! And not having anyone to not want to go with me along, I made sure to include a few in my stay on board. Salsa dancing lessons are the menu for tonight to be exact. A celebratory drink of the day at dinner is followed by a refreshingly sweet Disaronno on the rocks in the Star Lounge while I watch all the couples already on the dance floor one, and two, sal-sa-step out of sync. Already regretting my shyness at not having roped some willing mens into accompanying me to this event, I had to admit to that there was not a single available man to dance with. Not that there weren't men in the room not already dancing. No, these unmatched were simply unwilling. I guess I can just finish my drink and go back down to the crop room... 
Ha! Years of every imaginable type of dance instruction have taught me three things: I have rhythm (through the powers imagination usually), I have no junk in the trunk to pop, but above all, that I can dance with ANYONE, male or female. So, like the dance floor predator I'd encounter later that night, I swam up to a nice woman dancing in place next to her (unwilling) husband. Laughing, she agreed to let me lead- and then led me through the steps! We had a great time giggling, yelling Volley! every time we danced more than a four count of steps. Finally she was determined to refresh her husbands memory of the lessons he'd taken on their previous cruise, and I moved on to a sweet older gal whose partner had just thrown his hands up in despair- and then tried to pass her off to his friend who loudly protested he didn't want to dance.
It was obvious that she was not used to leading the dance, or maybe it was just too overwhelming when I kept shouting, "We're improvising!" because she quickly begged off and I went back to slurping down my liquid encouragement. I found my next partner near the bar-go figure- and wow, did she ever have the moves! Now it was my turn to stumble gracelessly while she twirled about me like a Spanish gypsy, complete with flaring and fluffing of her skirt, trills, and a lot of hair tossing.  I was almost relieved that the show I planned to see was about to start and I could beg out and quick step up the stairs.
Anyone willing to make a complete fool of yourself, please, step forward.
Liquid Encouragement
D and I had discussed the Newlywed Game as being one of my must-see highlights of the trip, so I found a seat near the entrance and kept an eye on the door for her, all the while chatting with a sweet gal whose husband had passed away many years prior to this vacation. We laughed loudly (okay, maybe I was a lot louder laughing) as the contestants were chosen from the audience. First, the couple who had been married the longest. I think it was like, 69 years or something?! Then the couple who had been married the shortest time, and then a contest between the applicants for the average couple. The audience was invited to show, by strength of applause, which couple could demonstrate the best "Tarzan yell followed by a kiss for Jane."
Oh. my. gawsh. Have you ever seen a rotund, hairy chested man with shirt half way unbuttoned take his wife to the floor with passion in front of a large crowd? We're talking a fill-the-Theatre sized crowd. Wow. What a surprise that it was the best dressed couple sporting the most sex appeal who ended up on the middle sofa. An even bigger surprise lay in wait as they blazed a matrimonial trail of knowledge for one another over their competition! It was a cute show and sharing laughs with that gal made it even more enjoyable. A perfect way to end the evening... but wait, there's more! Come back tomorrow and close the club with me and my solo cup of Disaronno .

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  1. So fun to ride along in your criusing adventure- can't wait for the next day!