Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another Best Day Ever Page To Make

While I was waiting in la cocina en la casa de mi abuela for the boiling rice to cook, I captured un poco mas photographicia through la ventana, al lado de la stufa. (See, I'm getting the hang of this and I'm not even using Google translate- I have that thick book of language along, remember?) Out I went to gather the fallen lime my lens eye found. Taking them back inside, I finally connected in a lingual exchange that made sense with mi abuelita! I think switching to saying, Que? Instead of Repete is helping. 
So what was the topic? Lime ade, or Limonade, and how to make it from real limes. What a treat! Squeezing the juice from each rind over the mixing bowl she'd provided me, and adding mas agua y uno poquito cuchara de sucar, I again reached for the camera. I simply had to hold on to the moment as long as possible. We stirred a lot of love into that pot of juice!
I tia Carmen arrived with her son-in-law and grandaughter, as well as a big supply of groceries.  For some reason I felt she was just what I expected her to be; a short and sassy red 'do, beautiful blouse on, trendy square glasses, and a smile like mine. I have always loved to see the dimples in my family. I could not keep up with her quick talking, though my uncle did try to help with the translations..
Although I wasn't able to talk a lot with her, I did spend some time going over my photographs again with mi primo, "Oz'" He's a very loving father and it was lovely to watch he and his ten year old daughter palying around. There we sat around the table that is so often only seating my little grandma and I had to comment that, this is the way it should be. A family gathered around their matriarch, laughing, catching up, and sharing more than just a bite to eat. Sharing life!
Later I was invited to my uncle's house to meet his wife, Olivia. She could also speak very good English from all her time working in the states, and they made me feel very welcome with a cappuchino and some fresh salad on crackers. I was surprised to find out that Olivia had gone to school with my father!  There are so many connections between the inhabitants of a small town and I've really enjoyed hearing friends and accuaintances call out to one another in passing.
My Aunt decided to stop by before heading back to Guadalajara and I took the opportunity for another perspective by handing my camera over to my cousins daughter, instructing her to take pictures of anything and everything in the flower garden. Looking back through the pictures this evening, I can see that artistry is a talent that runs throughout the many branches of my family tree. The frame filling pictures she took would make great screen savers, card backgrounds, or maybe some mouse pads!
I was able to invite my sister Cynthia and her husband Joaquin over and there went the water works again, lol. I cured them with a shot and half or so of some tequila as we visited in English and Joaquin talked with Gonzalo and his wife. My younger sister is the middle child of her set of siblings, and I've always felt like I bonded with her first when I met the three of them. Many years have passed but when we are together I feel as young as the first times we played Barbies together; me as a 20 year old and her being about 8 I think?
We left after much hugging (and picture taking of course) and after bidding her husband mucho gusto, we headed to the main Plaza for some more chit chat and free WiFi use. Go ahead and take a moment to Google Tenamaxtlan and you will see that it is known for it's week of celebrating the town's 300+ year history. Every night there is music long into the night being performed in the two plazas. In all my research these last four weeks, it never dawned on me that I'd be visiting during this one particular week! The dancers were arrayed in traditional dress and just like at the Puyallup fair, the food vendor's offerings wafted enticingly our way.
Cynthia is so beautiful to look at and it has been a long time since we were able to be alone together. Now that we are the two "married" sisters, we have different perspectives to share, and it will be a new dream of mine for her to spend more time with my daughters, especially Sunday who none of my three hermanas have got to interact with. My oldest younger sister Ruby was out to visit the summer that Rainier was born, but my youngest sister Jennifer, and Cynthia have not got that chance yet, so I'm thinking a girls get together is in order. I do have a big birthday coming up...(isn't every one)?
As Cynthia walked me home, I couldn't have figured the day could get any better. Two selfies later, it was even better though, and coming in the door to embrace my grandmother sent it off the charts. I still haven't had a chance to use any of the papers and adhesive I brought with me (not to mention 5 pounds of embellishments), so I just may have to craft up some new Best Day Ever somethings to adorn those future pages you know I'll be making. 
This trip has already fulfilled so much of my heart, and after a day like today there is a feeling of contentment (mixed with more happy tears) right up there with having just delivered a baby. All is right, right now, and as the festival music continues, I look forward to another day of learning about this area and the traditions of my families cultural infulences. And sharing it all with you, dear reader! Buenas Noches, Hasta Manana...

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