Thursday, March 5, 2015

Best Day Ever Embellies Get Ready

Continuing into our vacation with what would become a Monday worthy of all those "Best Day Ever" embellishments I can never put down...
Captivated by the Sun's Rising
After my mornings typed musings had reached their 5000 letter limit, I sat in bed gazing out the balcony window, watching the sky continue to lighten with the promise of a beautifully warm although somewhat overcast day. Listening for the footsteps of room service really. D headed into the water closet. The phone rang- Hello? "Oh hello madam, are you awake then?" Mmmn, yes. "Okay, then I will bring you the food to your room." Oh great! You mean you're on your way? "Yes ma'am that is correct." And back in bed I jumped to sit and wait for the food to arrive! A knock at the door- Yes, come in! Another knock. Yes? Oops, I guess I need to answer the door instead of sitting here in bed like the queen of Sheba.
Breakfast m'lady?
One of many polite people working on the boat, "Room Service Man" Oshando? came in (once I invited him) and waited patiently for me to shove the clutter on the vanity aside in order to allow him to set his tray down. Steaming black coffee, another pot full of hot water for tea, and two covered dishes with a side of apple, orange, yogurt, granola cereal and linen covered silverware stacked and waiting to be enjoyed on the balcony with my bestie! Does it get any better, friends?
Pouring my first cup of coffee and heading out to the balcony seemed to be an especially pleasing idea, but I thought with the sound of the wind howling outside all night that it might just be a tad chilly, the high for the day only being an expected 68*. OMG was I ever tickled to discover that the coat was completely unnecessary! 
a Zen moment
Back through the doorway flew the coat, and with coffee in hand I experienced the ultimate breakfast delight; warm salt mist in the air, sunlight already reflecting off the waves, and not a soul to disturb being able to silently absorb how wonderful the moment was. To really be present in appreciating the splendor that could come from such an act as simple as crossing a threshold. Then it was back in to grab a camera, for what would a cruising cropper like myself do without a self-timed picture of me silently enjoying said moment. I would actually have to remember it, like, in my mind?!
We were quite surprised at the humidity when we stepped on deck, but quickly made ourselves comfy and set in at enjoying our fresh fruit and atmosphere. Lot's of laughing and exclaiming, mixed in with the usual life's muddling's and reflective musings that come so naturally when we're together. I kept my eye down in the spray and reveled in the simple delight of catching sight of a single flying fish skimming along the water perpendicular to the ship. 
Dolphins beneath my window
Suddenly, I stutter-shouted excitedly, "They're HERE! Oh man oh gosh look they're really here!" D didn't even stop to question what I was shouting about, running back inside for cameras and back out in time to capture one of the most hoped for moments of my life: porpoises playing in the wake directly beneath us! OH wow- were they ever fun to watch, and I may have over stretched a cheek muscles with my maniacal  grinning.
Goodbye Friends!
 I had been sharing just moments before how disappointing it had been not to witness more marine life on my families previous to cruise to Alaska in the fall of 2012. Friends, have you ever had a dream you have no way of controlling come true? Then you will know how cushiony the cloud of air I floated down on to visit our conference room friends was. How could the day possibly get any better...
How about with an afternoon sun siesta, followed by the attendance of the Sexiest Man in the World contest? You'll have to stop by tomorrow to read all (okay, maybe not ALL) about the antics displayed by the contestants in another bit of Best Day Ever enjoyment. Thanks for following along on my high-seas Caribbean adventure, and feel free to share my stories with your friends on facebook, etc. There are icons directly below this posting that will take your right into a status share window. 
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  1. Sounding so unreal and yet so cruise into another dream like!