Friday, July 12, 2013

Daddy Daughter Posing

This photo makes me smile every time I see it; when I first showed it to Ray, he immediately joked that we needed a paternity test for Sunday! At the time she seemed to look SO different than him that I wasn't at all offended by his comment. Now, after a few months, when I look at this photo I can't see that they look different at all, to me they have the exact same expression on their faces!
I tried something new on this layout... new, and yet so often repeated, lol. I dug through my scrap box and found a bunch of brown shades with a little reddish and pink thrown in, trying to match the softness of the colors in the photo. I even found some oranges that seemed to go along nicely from CTMH's old Aspen line. Isn't this Prima background paper beautiful!? I thought the grey was a terrific neutral and it happens to be the same color as their eyes looked on this day.
This weeks episode of Two Peas In A Bucket's Glitter Girl asked that we challenge ourselves to incorporate stamping into our layout, and also to talk about how we used some design principles when adding them in. At least, that was the challenge I was remembering to follow. So, since I have about a zillion stamps, I looked through them all, and after a little impromptu sorting session, I pulled out some journaling, sentiment, and of course the Dad stamp that is so rarely used.
I was trying to create a visual triangle with the colors, using the timepiece and the two stamped doily pieces. I don't usually use vellum but it was so softening against all the harsh corners and angularness of the many layered papers. Then the soft sherbet orange ribbon fit in that white space perfectly for my last finishing touch.
The only thing I sort of don't like so much is that stamping on vellum resulted in some smudging because I can never remember to keep my fingers away from the stamped areas. I probably should have used some embossing powder to set the image cleanly, but alas, my heat gun is in a drawer that refuses to open.
Another great part of making this layout is that it came together really quickly and Rainier and I were able to craft it while Sunday was sleeping. I think she's starting to get some teeth because she is grabbing her mouth and throwing her head back while nursing. That, and whimpering in her sleep, poor baby!
Thanks for stopping by, and please, share any completely all natural teething solutions with me!

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