Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Poking Fun At Myself

I've had to chuckle at myself a few times today, and since it has been happening ALL DAY, I figured I'd share it so I can start feeling a little less like a crazy person laughing at herself!

Okay, so on Sunday night I finished up my 30th layout for the month of June. And felt so great about having met my self-issued challenge that I went ahead and created one more page :-) The next day I started co-crafting six-by-six pages for a small album. Co-crafter being my oldest daughter, Rainier, who is almost 2 and a half.

So what could be so funny about all of this? Well, I am finding myself wandering in and out of my craft room. In, and out. In, and out. Because I have nothing to work on! No project sitting on my desk! No page to count towards a monthly goal like last week! I would go ahead and blast through that small album, but I really want to make it with Rainie (even though I am a glue hog when it comes to helping her).

I got a much-welcomed email from my Aunt this morning, and so I figured, Aha! I will make her a card! But then I realized, I already had the perfect card made. Boo. Does writing a letter count as crafting?! Then, I flipped through my bursting at the seams album and thought about trying to get it to not burst...decided that was not crafty enough (and requires tools). Boooo! Totally didn't do that!

I finally scratched the itch a bit by cutting out some Pooh and Piglet characters on the Cricut with my Rainbow. This activity turned out to be a lot of fun, and I did get to hog some glue, too. She loves her little cut-outs and even dialed up her Mimi & Gran'daddy online to show them off.

Such a simple little activity, and yes, I did get one picture of her during our session, so I can now use those little paper dolls on a page chronicling how much she has grown to enjoy stories out of the Hundred Acre Wood. I will have to include the information that she has yet to see any of those movies or shows and so we still have a lot of fun making up voices to go along with what we read in the books. So far Pooh and Piglet are her favorites- she knows they are best friends!

I also (forced) encouraged her to scrap two more stops on our Northwest Paper Chase 2013 trip :-)

Hopefully I can find a few crafty moments in the next few days; my parents will be here all weekend helping with the girls and celebrating our nation's Independence.

Happy Fourth of July to all you American's reading this, and a Happy Weekend of Fun to all you other Internationals, too !

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