Thursday, July 18, 2013

Forever Friends

Two Peas In a Bucket Co-Founder Kristina Nicolai-White inspired me to print off a sheet of their current free summer file and I'm so glad I did; the bright colors of the sun rays and the motifs in the circles mirror the bright warmth of the sun shining down myself and one of my greatest friends.
Flashback to the late 80''s  and you'd find the two of us spending nearly every weekend together. Sunday mornings I'd always go to Sunday School with her at Christ the King Lutheran church in Tacoma, which was across the street from our elementary school, Harvard. Yes, we really went to Harvard at that early age :-)! In fact we discovered our friendship began in kindergarten class, which for some reason for our class was held on the stage... no surprise that we were learning to hog the spotlight from the get-go.
Jenny's mom, Patty, and my incredibly crafty mom were our Campfire leaders, too, so once a week (I think- it was 25 years ago) we'd gather with a gaggle of our girlfriends to learn all about preserving our earth, being kind to others, and those beautiful songs to sing around the potential campfire.
When we were in middle school, Jennifer and I each moved to Gig Harbor, albeit different ends of the Peninsula so to speak. Many years passed with the occasional run in at karaoke nights, until last year when we found each other again on facebook and decided to officially get together. It was just as if we were right back in grade school again; giggling long into the night and swapping stories about all our "old" friends. I felt so comfortable with her that when I found out I was expecting, I invited (demanded) her presence into the delivery room to photograph our daughter's arrival! Now that's a real friend, isn't it? The kind that, after 15 years or so, can walk right into the delivery room and start snapping (modest) photos of your hoo-hah!?!
All joking aside, she is a delightful person to be around. Her snappy come-backs and sarcastic observations perfectly compliment my delayed deadpan responses and optimistic say-sos. She's a great deal of fun to hang out with and it doesn't hurt that she always wants to drive to our events! She still makes me laugh until my sides hurt as we solve the problems of today and continue to reminisce about "the good ol' days."
Jennifer has truly become a part of my family and one of the only people I feel confident confiding to... the best kind of friend for me is one who isn't offended if a few weeks pass without a call or text or going out; she knows that I'm thinking of her because, she's thinking of me!
When I think of how long our friendship has lasted, I'm always reminded of one of the songs we learned way back when, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is Silver, and the other Gold."

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